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The Office of Student Life is dedicated to creating a holistic and supportive educational experience for Ohio State University students. The staff, programs, and services are designed to help students transition into and through college and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and contribution to a global society. The Office of Student Life provides opportunities that complement the academic curricula and help students overcome obstacles. We operate many of the programs and services of daily life, including housing, dining, recreation, student organizations, health care, counseling, and career development.

The Office of Student Life seeks to ensure that each student has a healthful and safe environment, supportive living conditions, appropriate counsel and assistance, multiple opportunities to develop leadership and citizenship skills, and experiences that lead to greater appreciation of diverse peoples and cultures, as well as opportunities to socialize, relax, and have fun.

The Office of Student Life includes:

21 student support departments

BuckID • Career Connection • Center for Student Leadership and Service • Counseling and Consultation Service • Disability Services • Multicultural Center • Off-Campus Student Services • The Ohio Union and Student Activities • Parent and Family Relations • Recreational Sports • Recreational Sports Learning • Student Advocacy Center • Student Health Insurance Program • Student Health Services • Student Housing Legal Clinic • Student Judicial Affairs • Student Life Orientation • Student Wellness Center • University Catering • University Residences and Dining Services • The Younkin Success Center

Nine administrative departments

Conference Services • Office of the Vice President for Student Life • Student Life Development • Student Life Facility Management and Logistics • Student Life Fiscal Support Services • Student Life Human Resources • Student Life Information Technology • Student Life Marketing and Communications • Student Life Research and Assessment

Four affiliated departments

The Blackwell Inn • Drake Performance and Event Center • The Fawcett Center • The Jerome Schottenstein Center

If you have questions: Please contact a staff member.


Club Tennis Team

Fund Number: 315068

Donations collected used to defray expenses associated with the Club Tennis team

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Crime Assistance and Prevention Support (CAPS)

Fund Number: 315122

Crime Assistance and Prevention Support (CAPS) fund to support Ohio State students who are victims of crime on or off campus.

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Ryan James Marcia Memorial Scholarship

Fund Number: 482713

Provides scholarship support to one or more undergraduate students enrolled full-time with preference given to students involved in one or more of the following activities: Sorority and fraternity life, University ambassador program, Enrolled in the College of Engineering, Campus leadership positions. The purpose of this pending endowment is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to formal approval, the pending endowment may be converted to a current-use fund.

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TEDx Ohio State

Fund Number: 315090

:To help with costs associated with TEDx Ohio State. If the program TEDx Ohio State does not exist for two consecutive years, funds will go to the Student Life discretionary fund to promote other speakers series or programming similar to TEDx.

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The Ohio State Fund for Student Life

Fund Number: 302941

To support overall operation of the department of Student Life & to provide funds for programs, initiatives or events at the discretion of the VP for Student Life.

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Buck-I-Serv Program

Fund Number: 312757

Help support, expand, and improve the Alternative Breaks program which are weeklong service trips to cities outside of Columbus that focus on specific social justice topics

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Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program Fund

Fund Number: 312516

Support the development of a leadership program to benefit growth of promising student leaders

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Social Change Initiatives

Fund Number: 314509

Funds to support efforts of community outreach and engagement to effect social change/neighborhood transformation among underserved populations.

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Collegiate Recovery Community Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 482543

Used to provide scholarship support for students who are active members of the Collegiate Recovery Community. The purpose of this pending endowment is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to formal approval, the pending endowment may be converted to a current-use fund.

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North Campus Residential District Fund

Fund Number: 314432

Funds will be used for expansion, renovation, and replacement of the North Campus Residential District.

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Margaret Herlan Busch Student Assistance Fund

Fund Number: 310216

Student Assistance Fund

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The Office of Student Affairs Multicultural Center

Fund Number: 311592

For ongoing Programming for the Multicultural Center

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Friends of the Ohio Union

Fund Number: 303821

Support the overall operation and activities of the Ohio Union, used to enhance current programs and services as well as create new and innovative initiatives

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Recreation Sports Discretionary Fund

Fund Number: 306366

Used at the discretion of the Director of Recreational Sports for departmental uses.

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8th Floor Improv Fund

Fund Number: 314254

Funds will be used to support 8th Floor Improv, a student organization.

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Adapted Recreational Sports

Fund Number: 308161

To Assist Funding for Program Activities and Equipment Name Changed 6/96

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Adventure Recreation Center

Fund Number: 311836

Used to Support Enhancements to the Adventure Recreation Center Site as well as other Related Recreational Sports Facilities

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African American Heritage Festival

Fund Number: 310799

To Support the Annual African American Heritage Festival

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African American Student Services Support Fund

Fund Number: 312071

Support Programmatic Thrusts to Bring African American Culture to the University and Greater Columbus Community; Support Student Support Activities

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Fund Number: 311281

To Support The Activities of the Alcaczars (aka Associated Landscape Contractors of America) Student Organization

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The But for Ohio State campaign is a $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor that invites those who believe in Ohio State to invest in our students, our faculty, and our potential.

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—Allyson Mehta Wright ’97