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Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center is one of the largest academic medical centers in the U.S. and the only one in central Ohio. Driven by its mission to improve people’s lives through innovation in research, education, and patient care, Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center advances the quality of life of patients by rapidly translating the latest discoveries from the research lab to the bedside.

Central to Ohio State’s commitment is its leadership in six key areas of discovery and patient care—Critical Care, Heart, Imaging, Neurosciences, Transplantation and Cancer. Ohio State’s Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute is a world-class healthcare enterprise focused exclusively on improving the lives of cancer patients.

Currently, Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center cares for more than one million patients annually; educates more than 3,500 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in the College of Medicine and specialized schools; and employs more than 12,500 faculty and staff members.

Ohio State provides demonstrated leadership in improving patient care, training future generations of physicians and researchers, increased research funding and discoveries, and recruitment and retention of acclaimed faculty and staff. Together, Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center is creating the future of medicine.

If you have questions: Please contact a staff member at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center or the James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute.


The Ohio State Fund for the Wexner Medical Center

Fund Number: 313504

Supports area of greatest need at OSUMC towards education, research, and patient care. Allocation of funds directed by Senior VP for Health Sciences

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The James Fund for Life

Fund Number: 310921

To Support Annual Priorities of The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

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The James Cancer Center Expansion Campaign General Fund

Fund Number: 311832

To Support all aspects of The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute Expansion

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The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research

Fund Number: 646870

Established March 5, 1999, in her honor by customers and employees of Big Bear Stores through The Foundation. Income supports breast cancer research, preferably breast cancer genetics research, at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

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University Hospitals General Support Fund

Fund Number: 303387

General Support to Hospital Authorized by Hospital's Executive Director

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General Nursing Fund

Fund Number: 309491

To Support Programs and Activities within The Department of Nursing at University Hospitals

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University Hospitals East Support Fund

Fund Number: 302215

Supports ongoing Activities at University Hospitals East to include but not Limited to: Patient Education, Pastoral Care, Volunteer Activities, Social Services, Emergency Funds, Etc

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OSU Heart Center/Ross Heart Hospital General Support Fund

Fund Number: 310473

Provides OSU's Ross Heart Hospital complex, clinical labs and research facilities with planning, construction maintenance, program support related to education, research, patient care

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OSU-Harding Behavioral Health Program Fund

Fund Number: 310384

Support for OSU Harding Behavioral Health Services Including: Program Support, Service Enhancements, Staff Training and Education, and Behavioral Health Pastoral Care

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The Ohio State Fund for the College of Medicine

Fund Number: 312022

Funds will provide much needed support for medical student scholarships, student/alumni programming and other priorities of the Dean of the College

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Families For A Cure Research Endowment Fund

Fund Number: 482731

For medical research projects at The James on brain, prostate or skin cancers as directed by its CEO and director of CCC.

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Jay Holdgreve Endowment Fund for Testicular Cancer Research

Fund Number: 643250

Established January 30, 2015, with a gifts from Jay M. Holdgreve and Brooke B. Holdgreve; used to support medical research on testicular cancer to include, but not limited to: supplies, equipment, research personnel, lab space, fellow research awards, research training opportunities and other activities required for high quality medical research.

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JoAnn L. and John (Jack) A. Buttler Gynecologic Cancer Research Fund

Fund Number: 315017

To be used by the University for translational or clinical research in gynecologic cancer research including salaries, materials, equipment and other expenses associated with the research at the discretion of the director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology.

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John Anast Cancer Endowed Fund

Fund Number: 482720

Unrestricted support for The James. If funding permits, may be changed to restricted for cancer research. The purpose of this pending endowment is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to formal approval, the pending endowment may be converted to a current-use fund.

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Mark M. Joyce Melanoma Research Fund

Fund Number: 315031

To support melanoma research at The James as directed by Dr. Kari Kendra (or successor).

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OSUWMC Global/Humanitarian Initiatives Fund

Fund Number: 314996

Supports global/humanitarian medical initiatives undertaken by Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center staff and faculty focused on national or international medical missions to underserved populations, developing nations or post-catastrophe medical responses, such as (but not limited to): travel expenses; patient care; research; disease prevention; nutrition; healthcare education, training and delivery; opportunities for service learning and interdisciplinary collaborations, etc.

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Patrick Ross Jr., MD, PhD, and Lisa D. Ross Thoracic Surgery Oncology Fund

Fund Number: 315061

Used to support the thoracic surgery oncology program, excluding salary and benefits, at The James. Funds may be used for (but not limited to): research supplies, equipment or technology; patient education and outreach activities; medical education and training, including costs of travel/fees for educational opportunities, publications, media resources, etc. Expenditures shall be allocated and approved by the chief executive officer of The James.

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Prevention of Chemotherapy Induced Heart Damage Research Fund

Fund Number: 315043

To be used by The James/CCC for medical research undertaken by Jay Zweier M.D. (or successor) on prevention of free radical medicated heart damage caused by chemotherapeutic agents. These studies include application of EPR based molecular imaging and spectroscopy leading to improved chemotherapy formulation with minimal cardiac toxicity. Funds may be directed towards equipment, technology, supplies, research personnel limited to staff or students including their salary and benefits, with the exception of faculty, or other related lab needs. Allocation of funds shall be made by Dr. Jay Zweier (or successor) and approved by the chief executive officer of The James or the director of the CCC.

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Preventive Oncology Advancement Fund

Fund Number: 315044

For research, education, training, patient care or outreach in preventive oncology at The James/ CCC for work of P. Shields, MD (or successor) on biomarkers; cancer risks or prevention; breast or lung cancer, cancer health disparities, etc. Funds may be used for equipment, supplies, technology, research personnel (except faculty salary, benefits) or related activities as approved by CEO or director.

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Rose and Terry Chin Endowment Fund for Lung Cancer Research

Fund Number: 482700

Supports medical research on lung cancer, with emphasis on immunotherapy, to help eradicate the disease and/or improve treatments and patient outcomes.

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The But for Ohio State campaign is a $2.5 billion fundraising endeavor that invites those who believe in Ohio State to invest in our students, our faculty, and our potential.

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—Leslie Wexner ’59