Driving High Impact Innovation
Being Agile: Driving High Impact Innovation

But for Ohio State ... so many questions would be left unanswered, so many opportunities would be left unexplored. Yet, because of the incredible human capital at this great institution, new ideas find a place to grow, new initiatives become national models.

The impact of Ohio State is immeasurable, ranging from the more than half a million living alumni making their mark around the world to the thousands of patients we serve each year at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Thousands of fans are moved to tears when the Best Damn Band in the Land marches down the ramp at home football games. And thousands of students find their calling and launch meaningful lives of service and impact—because of Ohio State.

We are innovators of new technologies and medical procedures. We dare to ask new questions and to celebrate the synergy and solutions that result when people from seemingly unrelated disciplines join together for a common cause. We are fostering powerful social justice programs and encouraging the creation of new musical compositions and works of art and literature. Undesignated funds contributed to the But for Ohio State campaign provide Ohio State leaders with the means to dream—and to think boldly not only about the possibilities our future holds but also about the leadership role Ohio State will play in that future.