Elevating Faculty and the Academic Enterprise
Raising Our Sights: Elevating Faculty and the Academic Enterprise

Fourteen Ohio State colleges are working together to alleviate poverty, and twelve are focusing on a safer international food supply. Experts from the basic sciences, veterinary medicine, nutritional sciences, engineering, and medicine are joining forces to end cancer. People from across the academic spectrum are bringing their diverse perspectives to the table to offer comprehensive solutions. In addition, they are patenting their discoveries, launching new companies, and increasing Ohio State’s international footprint through partnerships with state, national, and global institutions and companies.

With their proximity to brilliant minds in myriad fields, Ohio State faculty members accelerate discovery.

For these reasons and many others, Ohio State has become a destination for world-class scholars, researchers, and physicians. The appeal of brilliant colleagues with whom to collaborate, outstanding students, state-of-the-art facilities, and a track record of success brings top faculty members from all over the world. They inspire and mentor students, discover important treatments and cures, advance the arts and culture, and work to solve global challenges related to the environment, transportation, energy, food safety, and health and wellness. Through their accomplishments, the university secures its place among the nation’s best public institutions.

To perpetuate our dynamic academic enterprise and to attract, honor, and retain veteran talent as well as rising faculty stars, we must rely on private gifts. Endowed professorships, chairs, and programs will give us the means to advance our mission and shape a new, bold academic model.