Emboldening Our Research Agenda
Taking Risks: Emboldening Our Research Agenda

Ohio State’s multidisciplinary Byrd Polar Research Center is recognized internationally for its contributions to polar and alpine understanding. Our Institute for Energy and the Environment brings diverse academic experts together to find environmentally sustainable solutions to today’s global energy problems. University-industry partnerships, such as an Ohio State-Battelle innovation center and the National Center for the Middle Market (the result of a partnership between Fisher College of Business and GE Capital), have the capacity to leverage two powerhouse organizations to find solutions in engineering, medicine, agriculture, information technology, and education.

These and several other centers, institutes, and facilities at Ohio State represent what is possible when people from a variety of academic disciplines join forces to solve big problems. The deliberate decision to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration has resulted in well-funded programs and initiatives. Ohio State is one of the top ten institutions nationally in terms of industry-sponsored research expenditures, with large awards from major corporations as well as federal funding organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

At Ohio State, we are not afraid to take risks, to test bold hypotheses, or to rethink traditional approaches to problems. With additional private support, we will be able to bring a wider spectrum of research opportunities to Ohio State—and consequently offer more solutions to those we serve locally and around the world.