President's Club Benefit Acceptance

President's Club Benefit Acceptance for Eligible Donors

New and rejoining donors who are eligible for the President's Club parking benefit must choose their benefit options when enrolled in President's Club. Renewing donors may review their acceptance decisions annually.

Please complete and submit this form so that we may properly record your benefit options. Thank you!

Your information
Your 8-digit university ID is located on your recognition card.


President’s Club donors may purchase on-campus parking through the university’s parking operator, CampusParc. If you accept this benefit, you must also complete a parking application through CampusParc in accordance with its policies and procedures. Parking information is sent in May or June from CampusParc to those who have accepted the benefit.

Benefit accepted
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If we do not receive your benefit acceptance response by the deadline you were provided you may not have access to these opportunities.

Electronic Signature/Responsible Party
Yes, I certify I am the donor responsible for making the gift that qualifies me for benefits.