Since its inception in 2006, Women & Philanthropy has awarded over 40 grants totaling more than $1,000,000. In 2016 alone, three grants were awarded $150,000 and the scholarship fund was given an additional $28,000. The Ohio State University is deeply grateful to every member for her generosity and support.

Now more than ever, women have the financial power to affect change through philanthropy. The impact of their generosity continues to grow. Women make up 47% of the nation’s top wealth holders (those with assets of $2 million or more) and these women control nearly $5 trillion in assets, according to the IRS. Our ability is increasing--to take action in our own names, to build a legacy of healing the world, of setting a shining example for others to follow now and into the future.

The impact of women’s initiatives is demonstrated in a variety of areas at The Ohio State University. The Women & Philanthropy program has provided funding for the Center for Women’s Health, Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, the Thompson Library renovation, New Parents of Autism, the Women & Philanthropy Scholarship and much more.

Women are increasingly making their voices heard. Now is the time for the Women & Philanthropy program to expand our thinking, to envision not just a solution to the problems we can see, but to work toward a betterment of the world for future generations. Now is the time to think globally about the problems we can solve and the future we can create. Now is the time for a complete vision that embodies a love of humankind.

How it works

Women & Philanthropy inspires women to discover the power of giving together. Members who are over 40 contribute a minimum of $1,000 annually, while those 40 years and younger may choose to give $500 annually. Giving totals are deposited into a pooled fund. Throughout the year, members are invited to learn about select areas of interest from across the university.

In May, members receive by mail a ballot and copies of the selected proposals. To vote, each member allocates a total of 100 points to finalists as she sees fit. Points allocated by members for each of the projects are totaled, and funds are distributed among the finalists based upon the percentage of total points each receives.

Women & Philanthropy grant recipients are notified of their distribution at the Awards Celebration in June. In return, recipients agree to keep the membership of Women & Philanthropy apprised of progress related to the programs receiving funds.