Special Event: An Evening Under the Stars

Monday, February 5, 2018
Columbus, OH

Women & Philanthropy, An Evening Under the Stars

The Ohio State University Women’s Philanthropy Council cordially invites you and a guest to join us for our second grant funding presentation of the year, featuring The Department of Astronomy.

Explore the most rare and beautiful stellar explosions in the universe with Dr. Todd Thompson, a theoretical astrophysicist and 2014 recipient of the Ohio State Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Dr. Thompson will outline the university’s internationally recognized research project, The All Sky Automated Survey for Supernova. You’ll learn how the Department of Astronomy uses robotic telescopes to photograph the entirety of each night’s sky, discovering and documenting the exquisite transformations, deaths, and rebirths of stars.

Women & Philanthropy, An Evening Under the Stars


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