Real Estate Dreams: Ric Moody

January 2, 2013

Ric Moody

Richard J. “Ric” Moody remembers the day in the fall of 1972 when he left his hometown of Kettering, Ohio, for Ohio State. He was packed and ready to drive to Columbus when his father offhandedly posed a question: “Why do you want to be a Buckeye?” he asked.

“My dad was a graduate of Ohio State, and he wanted to remind me there were other schools,” Ric said. “He was verifying I chose Ohio State for me. In fact, it was my one and only choice and where I definitely wanted to be.”

His father, Paul, led the way to the university by earning a bachelor’s degree in business in 1947. Three decades later, Ric followed suit. “Those were the best years of my life,” he said. “I learned a lot in the classroom and more outside the classroom.”

After earning his degree, Ric set out to make his mark in the field of real estate. In 1979, he became president of Moody-Woodley Management Inc., a real estate development and property management company founded by his father and Ralph Woodley, a 1941 Ohio State graduate in industrial engineering. During Ric’s career, he has been involved in all facets of commercial, retail, and residential projects.

Ric brings his expertise as an owner and developer to his most recent companies, Dayton Commercial Realty and National 103 Exchange Consultants. About three years ago, he also decided to become a licensed auctioneer for Ohio to help banks and building owners sell properties that have been on the market for a long time. Recently, he partnered with AmeriBid, an international real estate auction company, to become its broker of record. He will process the company’s auctions for a five-state area.

“At Ohio State, you receive a great education and make connections with faculty and other alumni,” he said. “Connections can help graduates with mentoring and networking opportunities.”

Besides his education and professional path, Ric followed in his father’s footsteps by giving back of his time and financial support. He became a member of The Ohio State University Alumni Association and a donor recognized by the President’s Club. He held officer positions in local alumni clubs, co-chaired three Ohio State campaigns for the Miami Valley area, and served on the President’s Club Advisory Board for 24 years. He also was a founding Advisory Board member of the Buckeye Club.

In memory of his father, Ric created The Moody Family Scholarship for a student-athlete on the football team. His son, Paul, continued the family’s Buckeye tradition with a bachelor’s degree in 2005.

In recognition for his many contributions, Ric received Ohio State’s John B. Gerlach Sr. Development Volunteer Award. The award is named in honor of a former campaign co-chair and Foundation Board chair, whose leadership and quiet philanthropy thoroughly exemplified volunteer service.

“But for Ohio State, I would never have been able to follow my dream of developing successful real estate companies,” he said.

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