Discover More Victories

When thousands of Ohio State students receive their degrees on May 8, they will hear the jubilant sound of the Victory Bell. It will ring out in triumphant celebration of their incredible achievements.

It will be an unforgettable moment in their lives as Buckeyes – made possible because of the loyal support of alumni and friends.

A victory for the hungry

Meera Nagarajan found her calling at the intersection of research and community service. Scholarship support made it possible for Nagarajan, a nutrition science major, to work without pay at a food pantry and conduct meaningful research about food security’s impact on society. After graduation, she will examine the issue further with a Fulbright research grant in Greece.

“Scholarships make it possible for students like me to pursue working in areas of great need without worrying about how to pay tuition bills. It makes it easier,”

A victory for a family

When Jaliedy Malone received a letter notifying her that she was going to receive a scholarship, she felt a wave of relief. The mother of twin toddlers was close to exhausting her financial aid – and yet so close to achieving her dream of earning a dental hygiene degree from Ohio State and creating a better future for her family.

“Receiving my diploma on Mothers Day and seeing my kids in the audience is going to be a really special moment for me. It’s one of the greatest gifts – to be graduating, to the people who have supported students like me, it means a lot. You provide a better life for students. For me, it not only improves my life, but it improves the lives of my children.”

A victory for arts education

As a member of the marching band, Seth Justice enjoyed the breathtaking experience of playing to a sea of scarlet and gray. When he stands on the field in Ohio Stadium on May 8, with degrees in music education and music performance, he will feel overwhelming gratitude for those who supported his journey.

“In my hometown, going to college is a huge accomplishment. Without scholarship support, there are so many students I know who wouldn’t go to college. Or they wouldn’t be able to study exactly what they want to because they don’t have the resources. Scholarships are a blessing. They truly are. For anyone who ever supported a scholarship, I really can’t thank them enough – not nearly enough.”

The Ohio State Fund for Scholarships

A scholarship turns Buckeye dreams into a reality, but Ohio State students graduate with an average of over $25,000 in loan debt. Faced with those mounting costs, there are thousands of students who will be forced to leave school early or never enroll at all unless someone steps forward and makes the difference in their lives. That is why we are asking for your help.