Captain Jonathan D. Grassbaugh Veterans Project

My late husband and the love of my life, Jon Grassbaugh, was born in the great state of Ohio on August 18th, 1981. On April 7th, 2007, Jon was killed in action while serving our country in Iraq. His personal motto was non-sibi, which translates to "not for oneself." He believed with all his heart in selfless service and in reaching out to help those less fortunate. This is the legacy he has left behind, and this is the legacy I live to perpetuate.

Legal Assistance for Veterans: The Next Step in Perpetuating Jon's Legacy

With the gradual draw-down of combat missions overseas, veterans just like Jon and I are now returning to Ohio in large numbers and desperately need our help. Veterans face many challenges when they come home, including debt crises, landlord-tenant issues, foreclosure, and disability claims. The available legal support for veterans falls far short of the need, despite the service they have given. This is where we will come in.

Moritz law students, under the supervision of qualified attorneys, can assist our veterans with their legal needs while gaining hands-on experience. If we reach our goal, we will be able to fund 2000 hours of student work each year in the service of our vets. At the same time, it will provide an opportunity for increased understanding of the difficulties faced by our veterans, and will facilitate awareness and appreciation for their incredible service.

I am pledging $250,000 as a matching challenge in hopes that we are able to get to at least $500,000, so this program can continue on in perpetuity. In the words of another non-profit organization, for which I have the utmost respect, "If not me, then who?" Please help me to ensure that this needed and worthwhile project will become a reality. It is Jon's legacy that drives me to do what I do, and, with your help, it is my love for him that will ensure its success.

Jenna C. Grassbaugh
Captain, U.S. Army

The Captain Jonathan D. Grassbaugh Veterans Project Fund

Established April 5, 2013, with gifts from Jenna Grassbaugh; used to provide free legal services to veterans on certain legal matters.