Endowment opportunities

Donors may support any one of the approximately 5,000 existing endowments or establish their own. The funding level for each type of new endowment is set at a level sufficient to achieve the donor’s intent both now and into the future. While endowment levels are adjusted from time to time to keep pace with changing costs, revised levels do not affect previously established endowments.

Support for Students

Undergraduate Scholarship $50,000
Graduate Fellowship $1,000,000
Graduate Award $500,000
Graduate Student Assistance Fund $50,000


Support for Faculty and Teaching

Dean's Chair $3,500,000
Chair $2,000,000
Professorship $1,000,000
Distinguished Visitor $600,000
Dean's Leadership Fund $100,000


Other Types of Support

Restricted Fund $50,000
Unrestricted Fund* $25,000
*spending authority resides with the president, provost, or dean

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