Types of Gifts

Types of Gifts

Development Officers are available in each of the colleges, campuses, and other units of the university to assist donors with gifts. For general questions about gifts, send an e-mail to gifts@osu.edu or call 614-292-2141.

Alumni and friends of The Ohio State University who wish to make a contribution are encouraged to consider the following giving options:


Cash is often the most convenient form of giving. Cash gifts are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes, provided deductions are itemized.

Donors may make a gift online via credit card, or print out a giving form and mail payment to:

The Ohio State University Foundation
1480 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43221

If sending a check, please make payable to The Ohio State University Foundation.


Pledges enable a donor to plan a personal giving program that is both convenient and tax-wise. A pledge may enable a donor to consider a more significant gift than would have otherwise been possible. Terms for payment on pledges are flexible and at the option of the donor.

Donors with current pledges can fulfill their commitment online.


Securities may be made as outright gifts or as a payment on a pledge. Stock certificates may be reassigned directly to The Ohio State University Foundation or may be transferred through the donor's broker. The mean market value on the date of the transfer will determine the value of the gift for tax purposes. It is best to consult with a Development Officer before a transaction is made. For general questions on securities, call 614-292-2141 or send an e-mail to gifts@osu.edu.

Gifts of appreciated securities may be tax deductible, up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. The deduction is based on the full fair market value, and capital gains tax is not due when the stock is transferred to the university.

Planned Gifts

In certain instances, it may be preferable from an estate, financial, and tax planning perspective to consider long-term gift planning as the best way to make a gift. This can be accomplished through various gift instruments, such as charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, charitable lead trusts, and bequests. For more information on gift planning, please visit the Gift Planning web area or contact a member of the Gift Planning team.

Professional advisors, visit our online resource to help you assist your clients in reaching their charitable goals.

Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Gifts

Interested in making a gift through a Donor Advised Fund? Please make the check payable to The Ohio State University and send to The Ohio State University Foundation, Attn. Gift Processing, 1480 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43221.


Once established, an endowed fund is a dependable and perpetual source of support, since the principal is invested and only a portion of the earnings is spent annually. A minimum gift of $25,000 is needed to establish an unrestricted endowment, while $50,000 is needed for a restricted endowment.

For more information, visit the endowments web area. General questions about endowments can be directed to Lori Sams at 614-247-4115 or sams.39@osu.edu.

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. To see if your company has a matching gift policy, visit the matching gift web area.

Gifts in Memoriam/Gifts in Honor of

Honoring a family member, friend, colleague, classmate, or faculty member with a gift is a touching way to pay tribute to that loved one. Please call 614-292-2141 or send an e-mail to gifts@osu.edu to make arrangements for setting up a fund or contributing to an area or program of interest to the person being remembered or honored.

Gifts in Kind

Alternatives to monetary gifts such as equipment or books are always appreciated. Call 614-292-2141 or send an e-mail to gifts@osu.edu for information on making such a donation.

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