Campus Campaign Council

The Campus Campaign Council is comprised of faculty and staff from across the University and Wexner Medical Center. Members of the council serve as an advisory board for the campus-wide fundraising effort, helping to promote and execute the campaign and its mission.

Council Committees

Members of the council participate on one of four subcommittees created to further advance the effectiveness of volunteer efforts.

The Communications and Marketing Committee assists in identifying communications and marketing opportunities in units across the University, provides feedback on strategy effectiveness and seek out personal testimonials and impact stories for use in print, web, E-mail and other media.

The Major Events Committee plans and coordinates annual events including the Ambassador orientations and celebration event.

Ambassador Liaisons guide ambassadors from colleges and administrative offices as unique campaigns are planned and implemented. They serve as liaisons with the Campus Campaign office, direct ambassadors to available resources, assist with event planning, and respond to questions about giving opportunities.

Wexner Medical Center Work Group assists specifically in developing and implementing strategies to engage faculty and staff at the Wexner Medical Center. This includes Ambassador recruitment, solicitation packet distribution, special events, and communications. The group is comprised of council members and select leadership from each business unit.

Campus Campaign Council Members

Don Adamson
University Hospitals

Dr. Eric Adkins
College of Medicine

Dr. Naeem Ali
College of Medicine

Mandy Altfater
College of Veterinary Medicine

Ted Backus
College of Dentistry

Lauren Barrett
College of Arts & Sciences

Kathryn Beach

University Libraries

Dr. Missy Beers
College of Arts & Sciences

Melinda Benson
Office of Legal Affairs

Daniel Caldwell
Office of Research

Laura Campbell
Office of Student Life

Kelly DesRoches
Office of Business and Finance

Eric Drake
College of Arts & Sciences

Cassandra England
Brain and Spine Hospital

Meghan Francis
Office of Human Resources

Krissy Garner
OSUCCC – The James

Rebekah Gayley
Office of Administration & Planning

Tamara Hager
Office of Health Sciences

Toni Hare
Shared Services

MaLinda Hill
College of Engineering

Becca Hubbard
Office of Administration & Planning

MaryJo Lee
OSU Harding

Krista Maxey
University Hospital East

Claire Meeks
University Hospitals

Michelle Pennington
University Hospitals

Tiffany Ponzani-Mast 
OSUCCC – The James

Samantha Primmer
Ambulatory Services

John Strawn
Office of Academic Affairs