Dance student receives third annual Gee scholarship

June 10, 2011

Dr. E. Gordon Gee presented Josh Hines with a scholarship award during the Department of Dance final performances on June 6.

Dr. E. Gordon Gee, president of The Ohio State University, recently awarded his third annual scholarship to dance student Josh Hines from Lancaster, Ohio. Dr. Gee presented Hines with the scholarship award during the Department of Dance final performances on June 6.

“I am so pleased to continue to support the arts on campus with this scholarship,” said Dr. Gee. “We need great dancers on campus every bit as much as we need great data analysts!”

Susan Van Pelt Petry, chair of the Department of Dance, has been impressed with Josh’s work ethic and hunger for all the experiences Ohio State’s dance program presents.

“Josh has given us a glimpse of his potential as a dancer and performer,” she said. “Our faculty has every confidence that he will make a significant contribution to the dance field when he graduates in three years, and for that reason, we thought he would be an excellent candidate for this scholarship.”

Since the inception of his scholarship fund in 2008, Dr. Gee has set his sights on the arts, with the inaugural award in 2009 going to freshman Todd Fessler in the Department of Music, and the 2010 scholarship going to senior dance student Daniel Holt, who will be heading to New York City after graduation this June to pursue a career as a dancer and choreographer. 

The 2011 recipient began dancing in 2008 during his senior year of high school. Being new to dance, Hines studied various dance styles including musical theater, jazz, hip-hop, swing dancing, and ballet. After high school, he attended Hocking College, where he graduated with an associate’s degree in Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Services. He still danced passionately in his off-time, and that spirit is what brought him to the renowned dance program at Ohio State.

Hines has performed in numerous multimedia ventures, including work for choreographer Michael Kelly Bruce, which will be shown in fall 2011 at A trans Pavilion in Berlin, Germany. Hines plans to perform professionally with a dance company after graduation and hopes that, “When I am much, much older and cannot get my leg up quite so high, I would like to teach.”

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