Family affair

August 8, 2011

Lou Ann Moritz Ransom (with husband Bus Ransom) graduated from Ohio State's College of Dentistry.

Lou Ann Moritz Ransom recently made a gift to the College of Dentistry in support of the Division of Dental Hygiene by establishing the Yardley Family Scholarship in Dental Hygiene.

The scholarship will fully fund senior year tuition, books, licensure, and examinations fees for one student in the Division of Dental Hygiene.

"My late husband, Michael Moritz, and I have been supporters of the College of Law at Ohio State, and I felt that it was time to support the College of Dentistry, specifically the Division of Dental Hygiene," said Moritz Ransom. "I graduated in dental hygiene, as did my sisters Jeanne Bogen and Mary Giannola, so I decided to create a scholarship in our family name. We are hopeful that by establishing this scholarship, others will be inspired to follow our lead in supporting the College of Dentistry and the Division of Dental Hygiene."

Like many students, Moritz Ransom grappled with what to study in college. She credits her father, a friend and contemporary of legendary College of Dentistry Dean Wendell D. Postle, with making the suggestion to pursue dental hygiene. "My parents both graduated from Ohio State, were very loyal Buckeyes, and supported the university in many ways. The love for Ohio State was instilled in me at a very young age. And thanks to my degree in dental hygiene, I can say that I am very proud to be a Buckeye too!" 

Moritz Ransom maintains fond memories of the program and recalls a no-nonsense leader in Dr. Consuelo Wise, the Division of Dental Hygiene director during her time in the college. "All the students were very afraid of her. She ran a very tight ship. I graduated from an all-girls Catholic high school, and she was just like the nuns who taught me in high school!"

Post-graduation, Moritz Ransom was able to support her late husband with her career in dental hygiene as he went through law school. "It was important to us that he be able to concentrate on law school rather than have a part-time job," she said. "I was able to earn a good living, and that got us through his schooling.”

With 100 students, dental hygiene is the second largest student group at the College of Dentistry, with 60 percent of the students having some level of financial need. The Yardley Family Scholarship is the college’s first full tuition dental hygiene scholarship.

"Before her gift, there was only $2,000 in scholarship support to use among all dental hygiene students, so this is a really important and meaningful investment in us," said Michele Carr, program director in the Division of Dental Hygiene. "We hope Lou Ann's leadership will influence others to give so that the outstanding opportunities for our students can expand.