Ohio State Impact

An Investment in an Education

Ohio State’s cost of attendance is an estimate based on the average expenses of all students. This budget takes into account basic calculations such as tuition, registration, and other required fees, and adds variable costs like books, living expenses, and transportation. Yet, even with such consistent figures, students face varying costs depending on their courses, major, and college.

For 2012-13, full-time undergraduate students from Ohio pay about $24,400 for tuition and fees at Ohio State’s Columbus campus. Nonresident students pay nearly $36,000. Tuition costs are less for students studying at the regional campuses or Agricultural Technical Institute. Overall, more than 80 percent of Ohio State students receive financial aid, making scholarship support— whether based on merit, athletics, or need—more vital all the time.

Ohio State is mindful of the burden that college tuition and loans place on students and their families. The university maintains its commitment to affordability and quality. In fact, tuition increases have been held to 2.4 percent annually over the last five years.

Meet six Buckeyes who share details about their majors, expenses, and Ohio State experiences.

Alana Gray
Chris Vogt
Nicklaus Meadows
Mark Bell
Madelyn Gruseck
Charles Manion