Ohio State Impact

Charles Manion

Charles Manion
Charles Manion

Year: Graduating spring 2013
Major: Glass
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Charles Manion wanted to study art and found private art schools to be too expensive. With the scholarships he received from Ohio State, he has been able to afford tuition and focus on his major. For the future, he plans to take time to work on art projects before entering graduate school. “Eventually, I will obtain a master’s of fine arts—hopefully while teaching—and find my niche in the art world,” he said.

Manion, who received the Hilb Scholarship, the Provost Scholarship, the Sherman Scholarship, and an Idea Lab grant from the Urban Arts Space, said, “I earned the Sherman Scholarship for a piece that appeared in the juried undergraduate exhibition. It provided a two-week workshop at Pilchuck Glass School, an international center for glass art education, and a residency last summer at the San Francisco Art Institute.”

What Ohio State means to me
“To me, being a Buckeye is all about having opportunities,” Manion said. “There are incredible people at Ohio State, and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it all.”

Costs of a glass education
Glass majors have many required purchases, including a laptop, books, paint, clay, paper, glass fees, tools, frames, canvases, color-aid paper (crazy expensive), ink, brushes, pens, printing (for GEC classes and for art projects), gloves, safety glasses, map gas, and glass color.