Ohio State Impact

Chris Vogt

Chris Vogt
Chris Vogt

Year: Graduating autumn 2012
Major: History
Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

Chris Vogt was impressed by Ohio State’s reputation. He had moved from Erie to Columbus a few years earlier with the goal of finishing his degree. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in the future and, down the road, would like to be an academic advisor who helps college students decide what path to take.

“For this school year, I received the Scarlet and Gray Scholarship, which is making a huge difference in covering tuition and expenses for me,” Vogt said. “I transferred to Ohio State last year. Because I had applied so late into the year, I missed out on any extra financial aid beyond federal loans.”

What Ohio State means to me
“But for Ohio State, I may not be heading in the right direction. I wouldn’t have figured things out or be going where I need to go,” Vogt said. “Many people at Ohio State have helped me on my way, such as advisors and professors. I’m glad that I have had the chance to talk to them and to get to know them. I’ll always be grateful for their encouragement, their advice, and their lessons as I continue forward in life.”

Costs of a history education
History majors have a list of required purchases that may be considered minor to many in the technical or creative fields. Vogt cites a laptop, book bag, calculator, paper, binders, pencils and pens, parking passes, and dozens of textbooks.