Class Gift

Class Gift History


The Class Gift Tradition started in 1891, when on the eve of graduation, students planted five elm trees on The Oval. Since that time, prospective graduates have continued to join together each year to present a token of appreciation for the education that they have received at Ohio State.


In 1992, the Class Gift moved from a single university-wide project initiative to an effort encouraging prospective graduates to support selected projects within their respective colleges, schools, and/or departments.


 The Class Gift became part of the Campus Campaign, the annual faculty and staff solicitation effort. Faculty, staff and prospective graduates united to create a campus-wide campaign, giving to areas of the University that had meaning for them, whether it was a college, unit, or another important area. Students were also able to take advantage of a three-year pledge option.


 The concept of a one-time gift of $19.98 to celebrate the year of graduation was introduced to replace the three-year pledge option. Students making a gift during their graduation year will begin a tradition of charitable giving. As with the pledge system, gifts were designated to a specific college, school, department or program as determined by each graduate. This was continued in 1999 with a gift of $19.99.


 The Student Campaign Advisory Board was created as a student organization to provide assistance to University Development on student fundraising initiatives and serve as the volunteer base within the student community. The annual Class Gift was once again designated to a single project, starting with the 2004 project of The Long Walk.


 For the first time in recent years, students were given the opportunity to vote for Class Gift 2006, choosing the project they felt would most benefit the university. The students chose to replace the benches on the Oval, and the Class Gift 2006 was “unveiled” during the Homecoming 2005 Pep Rally.

Past Gifts

1891: “Five Brothers” (elm trees) planted on Oval
1892: “Winged Victory” in Reference Room of the library
1903: Tower Clock in University Hall
1904: Painting of Dr. Thompson (Thompson Memorial Library)
1905: Sun Dial on the Oval
1906-1914: Orton Hall Chimes
1912: Renaissance Mantel in Reference Room of library
1915 and 1916: Student Loan Fund
1917: Equipment for Athletic Trophy Room
1918: Relief fund for war orphans in France (bronze tablet in library)
1919 and 1920: Electric strikers for the Orton Hall Chimes
1921: Flagpole at Administration Building
1922: Piano for Pomerene Hall
1923, 1925, 1926, and 1928: William Oxley Thompson Statue
1924: Ten-year Endowment Policy for Harry H. Norkman
1927, 1929 and 1930: Mirror Lake Fountain and rehabilitation
1931: Memorial Entrance at 15th Avenue
1932: Student Loan Fund
1933: Settlement of Junior prom accounts of previous year
1934 and 1935: Ohio Student Loan Foundation, Inc.
1936-1938: Hammond Organ Fund
1939 and 1940: Ohio State Development Fund - Gateway
1941: Lights for the library
1942 and 1945: Land Grant Memorial Centennial Flag pole (Weigel Hall)
1943,1944, and 1954: Victory Bell
1946: Shelter House on Olentangy River
1947: Decorative benches
1948: Fireplace in the Ohio Union
1949: Bandstand
1950: Iron lung and electrical organ
1951: Equipment for Rehabilitation Center
1952: Printing Press for Rehabilitation Center
1953: Signs at Campus entrances
1955: Building name plaques
1956: Gateway entrances
1957: Eight hospital recovery room beds
1958: Sign board at Mershon
1960: Unrestricted gift
1961 and 1962: Land Grant Centennial Memorial plaza (South Library)
1963: Unrestricted gift
1964: Globe and scholarships
1965: Portrait of Novice G. Fawcett (Fawcett Center)
1966-1968: Scholarship endowment
1969-1971: Memorial Loan Fund
1972-1974: Addition of handicapped entrances and ramps to campus
1975: Career Development Center
1976 and 1978: Clock Tower on West Campus
1977: Scholarship Fund
1979: Handicapped accessible vehicle for students
1980: Orton Hall and Armory Building historical concrete markers
1981: Benches around Mirror Lake
1982: Sphinx plaza around Sun Dial
1983: Atrium in the Ohio Union (West Terrace)
1984: Updated Shelter House
1985: Sculpture at the Wexner Center
1986: Scholarship Endowment
1987: Ohio Union Hallway Renovation
1988: University Seal in Red Granite (Long Walk on the Oval)
1989: Courtyard outside the James Cancer Research Center
1990: Young Scholars Program
1991: “Carmen Ohio” Flagpole (the Oval)
1992-2003: Designated gifts to school or college
2004: The Long Walk on the Oval
2005: Beautification of Mirror Lake
2006: Replacing Benches on the Oval
2007-2008: The Ohio State University seal in the new Ohio Union
2009: Block "O" Fire Pit outside the new Ohio Union
2010-11: Cunz Hall Rain Garden

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