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  • William A. Dougherty Music Scholarship Fund

    Established February 8, 1954, by The University Alumni Association, representing royalties from Across the Field, written by Mr. Dougherty. Income provides scholarships for members of the Marching Band.

  • Nina Weigel Music Scholarship Fund

    Established September 4, 1951, by the music group of the University Women's Club and friends in her memory. the income to be used for scholarships to undergraduate female students meeting the following qualifications: (1) from the Junior or Senior Class, (2) having point average of 2.75 or better; (3) show promise of leadership in music and with well-poised, genial personality, (4) appear as guest artist once a year for the Music Group. The awards shall be made by the University Scholarship Committee on recommendation of the School of Music Faculty. Scholarships are to be awarded in multiples of $60 and any excess income is to be added to the principal. In the event that the School of Music should cease to exist, then the awards shall be made by the President or then Chief Executive Officer to any female student majoring in Music.

  • The Music and Dance Library Endowment Fund

    Established November 9, 2012, with gifts from friends of the Library; used to purchase materials for the library's collection.

  • Music, Theatre and Arts Facilities Fund

    Supports new construction and renovation in the School of Music, Department of Theatre and other arts facilities in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Music and Dance Library Builders Fund

    Funds are to be used for the purchase of books, subscriptions or other acquisitions as determined by the Head of the Music and Dance Library

  • Opera and Musical Theatre Endowment Fund

    Established February 6, 2009 with gifts from Mr. Walter Edwin Dennis Jr. and Dr. Jacqueline Conner Bresnahan; used to support activities related to opera or musical theatre in the School of Music.

  • School of Nursing Research Development Fund

  • Parkway High School Scholarship Fund

    Provides support for students graduating from Parkway High School.