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  • The Maude Taylor Stout Instrumental Music Scholarship Fund

    Established May 8, 1987, by Whitney B. and Maude Taylor Stout. Eighty percent of income provides scholarships for academically superior students who are pursuing music degree study in instrumental music and/or have need. Remaining income is reinvested to principal. Recipients will be selected in accordance with procedures established in the School of Music, with final approval of the Director of the School of Music and the Dean of the College of The Arts, in cooperation with the University Committee on Student Financial Aid.

  • William M and Darlene Aldrige Music Scholarship Fund

    Established February 7, 2003, from her estate in memory of her husband through The Foundation. Annual income shall be used to support scholarships for students enrolled in the School of Music. The student recipients must exhibit high moral standards, reside in Highland County, Ohio, and have graduated from a high school in Highland County, Ohio. Scholarships will be awarded in consultation with the University Committee on Student Financial Aid. In any given year that the income is not fully expended, the unused portion should be reinvested in the principal.

  • Critical Issues in Contemporary Music Educatoin

    Supports music education conferences at OSU School of Music and to assure the restoration and continuance of the conference series entitled “Critical Issues in Contemporary Music Education.” If and when said conferences are not held on an annual basis, the funds shall be used for Mary Tolbert Scholarships to graduate students in Music Education, the recipients to be designated by the graduate faculty in the Music Education Department. This fund is currently a pending endowment, the purpose of which is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to such approval, the pending endowment also may be converted to a current use fund.

  • School of Physical Activity and Educational Services Building Fund

    To Support Programmatic Enhancements in the PAES Portion of the New Student Recreation Building

  • School of Environment and Natural Resources Scholarship Fund

    This fund supports scholarship awards for undergraduate students in the School of Environment and Natural Resources.

  • The School of Allied Medical Professions Alumni Scholarship Fund

    Established June 5, 2009 with gifts from; the SAMP Alumni Society, alumni, and friends of the School of Allied Medical Professions used to provide academic merit or financial need-based undergraduate and graduate scholarships for students enrolled in the School of Allied Medical Professions with preference be given to students who exemplify leadership and service to the school, and who are engaged in active leadership roles in organizations serving the School.

  • Columbus Foundation Professional Development School Fund

    Support the Development of Professional Development Schools in the Columbus Public School District

  • The School of Teaching and Learning Visiting Speaker Fund

    Used for obtaining speakers in the School of Teaching and Learning

  • Margaret R. Hidy Fund in School Counseling

    Established February 1, 2006, by her estate through The Foundation. Distribution supports students, faculty and programs in school counseling.

  • Knowlton School of Architecture Digital Library Fund

    To Support Knowlton School of Architecture Visual Library Including Equipment, Staff and Collection Acquisition Needs