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  • Walter Damrosch Music Scholarship

    Established December 4, 1944, by the Blue Network Company of the National Broadcasting Company and Professor Eugene J. Weigel, then chair of the Department of Music. Scholarship for a member of the University Symphony Orchestra with an academic standing of 3.0 or better and senior rank. A nominating the committee of the Department of Music, one member of which shall be the Director of the Orchestra, will consider candidates under the above conditions and make nomination of not more than two candidates. The nominations will be presented to the faculty as a whole and a vote taken for the appointment of the recipient of the scholarship. The Chairman of the Department, by authority of the vote of the Faculty, will make formal request each Spring Quarter for the scholarship to be effective in the following Autumn Quarter. In the event there are no eligible candidates, the scholarship will not be awarded and the increment will be credited to the scholarship fund.

  • Ogden Music Memorial

    Unrestricted Purposes as Directed by the Chairperson, Division of Music Education for Music Teaching Center

  • Music Education Support Fund

    Supports emerging priorities in the areas of students, faculty, and activity of the Music Education program. Expenditures at the discretion of the director of the School of Music or his/her designee.

  • WOSU Classical Music Fund

    Support for Classical Music in central Ohio provided by WOSU Public Media. Helps sustain classical music radio programming and local concert performance coverage

  • Music Care Fund

    Supports Music Therapy Program for Patients at the OSUCCC – James. Expenditures shall be approved in accordance with the current guidelines and procedures established by the OSUCCC – James.

  • School of Music Faculty Scholarship

    An award for an entering music major student based on School of Music audition, SAT and ACT composites and the recommendation of faculty, to be awarded annually

  • Annual Music Scholarships and Awards

    To provide miscellaneous scholarships and awards from yearly and/or one-time gifts

  • Frank Kinnan Scholarship in Music

    Established February 6, 1987, by his family and friends. Income is awarded to outstanding students in the School of Music who anticipate careers as public school music teachers and play a woodwind as their major instrument. Recipients will be selected by the established procedures within the School of Music, with final approval by the director of the School of Music and the dean of the College of The Arts in cooperation with the University Committee on Student Financial Aid.

  • School of Music Advancement Fund

    Used to support the School of Music for scholarships or programs