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  • Department of Radiology Development Fund

    for unrestricted support of Department of Radiology

  • Veterinary Medicine Radiology Residency

    Supports a Veterinary Medicine Radiology Resident.

  • Interventional Radiology Support Fund

    To Support the Interventional Radiology Program in Dept of Radiology to include not Limited to Lectureships, Fellowships Library, Training, Affiliated Travel, Clinical Computers and Related Equipment

  • The Excellence in Radiology Endowment Fund

    Established September 6, 2002, by corporations including the Ambulatory Imaging Inc., foundations and faculty, alumni and patients through The Foundation. Income enhancesongoing programs, strengthens special initiatives and supports priorities in the De partment of Radiology including research, education, faculty development, training projects and professorships or chairs. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

  • Veterinary Medicine Radiology Program Support

    Supports Veterinary Medicine Radiology program.

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Support Fund

    Supports and advances the Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology division of the College of Dentistry.

  • Sidney W. Nelson Radiology Fund

    Established March 7, 1980, by Mr. Nelson. Income and principal, if needed, support radiology education and research activities not funded by legislative appropriations.

  • Dr. A.J. Christoforidis Lectureship in Radiology

    Established July 7, 1989, by Dr. A. John and Ann A. Christoforidis. Income supports a lectureship on advances in radiology and related educational activities within the Department.

  • The Christ Bourekas Radiology Medical Student Scholarship

    Provides Medical Student Scholarship to a graduating 4th Year Medical Student with an Interest in Radiology, Based on Both Clinical Merit and Financial Need; in Conjunction with COM Scholarship

  • The Dr. Robert D. Berkebile Memorial Award Fund in Radiology

    Established June 1, 2001, by his wife, Marian Miller Berkebile, in his memory through The Foundation. Income supports student awards in the Department of Radiology. Awardees must complete a radiology rotation and show determination, expertise and promis e in radiology.

  • The Christ Bourekas Radiology Medical Student Endowed Scholarship Fund

    Established August 27, 2020, with gifts from Eric C. Bourekas, MD (BS 1984, MBA 2015); used to provide one or more scholarships to fourth year medical students who have demonstrated an interest in radiology, financial need, and academic/clinical merit. If no students meet the selection criteria, the scholarship(s) will be open to all fourth year medical students. It is the donor�s desire to provide as significant financial support as possible to one eligible recipient. Any remaining distribution shall be used to provide as significant financial support as possible to additional eligible recipients.

  • Radiology Residents Research and Development Fund

    Funds Used as Necessary for Resident Research Projects Under Direction of Charles Mueller, M.D. or his successor

  • William C. Conrad Memorial Fund in Radiology

    Provides Support for Chief Resident and any Activities Supporting the Residency Program to Include but not Limited to: Supplies, Equipment, Salary Conferences/Travel, Publication Costs

  • Radiologic Technology Fund

    provides unrestricted support to Radiologic Technology

  • Audiology Student Assistance Fund

    Provides emergency financial support to Doctor of Audiology students who are in a financial situation that is impacting their continued clinical education. Recipients selected by the department chair, an audiology faculty member, and the department fiscal officer.

  • Cardiology Discretionary

    DMF Support of Cardiology Renamed 12/94

  • Veterinary Medicine Cardiology Support

    Supports training, research, patient care, education, and equipment for the Cardiology Department

  • Cardiology Prevention and Rehabilitation Fund

    Supports Cardiology Prevention and Rehabilitation Program at OSU Medical Center; Includes Research, Patient Care, Education and Training in Cardiology Prevention/Rehabilitation

  • Cardiology Faculty Recruitment Fund

    To Support Faculty Recruitment in Cardiology to Bring Nationally Eminent Physicians, Faculty, and Researchers to OSU

  • Cardiology Research Fund

    Funds are used primarily to purchase research and clinical equipment for the Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine or Ross Heart Hospital.

  • The Cardiology Recruitment and Development Fund

    Established June 4, 1999, by John G. McCoy through The Foundation. Income supports faculty recruitment and development in the Division of Cardiology, which includes recruiting national eminent physicians, faculty and researchers to the Division and the H eart and Lung Institute, developing and maintaining academic excellence and leadership for cardiovascular research, education and training, and commitment to quality patient care, diagnostics, technology, and treatment in an academic medical center.

  • Veterinary Medicine Cardiology Research Support

    For research projects by faculty, residents and students of the Cardiology Service at the Veterinary Medical Center.

  • Donald V. Unverferth, M.D. Cardiology Fellowship Fund

    Fellowship in Cardiology for Graduate Study Research

  • Ohio Mass Spectrometry Fund for Student Enrichment

    Research education for graduate students and post doctorals in the field of mass spectrometry.

  • H. F. Zieg Cardiology Fund

    For Research and General Academic Support

  • Cardiology Core Fellowship Program Fund

    Supports the core fellowship program under the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

  • Stephen F. Schaal, M.D. Fund in Cardiology

    Established May 7, 2004, with gifts from Helen M. Lyon Allison of Columbus, Ohio, in loving memory of her husband, Irvin, and in honor of the extraordinary work of Dr. Stephen F. Schaal (MD 1964); used to support research and training in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine in the College of Medicine on cardiovascular diseases, including such things as graduate fellowships, equipment, consumable supplies for research, and other costs of an active researcher. Revised August 25, 2017.

  • Cardiology Services at OSUMC Heart Center at Bellefontaine

    Provides unrestricted support to the Heart Center in Bellefontaine, OH that is affiliated with OSU Medical Center's Heart program

  • Veterinary Medicine Radiation Oncology Support

    For program support of the Radiology & Radiation Oncology service at the Veterinary Medical Center.

  • Radiobiology Development Fund

    Radiobiology research project support

  • Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

    For use by the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory at the Discretion of the Directors

  • Radiation Therapy Students Educational Fund

    Provides general support for the Radiation Therapy Student of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and the Department of Radiation Oncology. Includes but is not limited to education programs, travel, meetings, events, research awards, equipment, supplies, technology, tuition assistance, professional development activities and other special activities that support the radiation therapy student program as approved by the Radiation Therapy Program Director.

  • Radiation Oncology Development Fund in the Radiation Oncology Department

    Provides research, education, training patient outreach and general support to Department of Radiation Oncology

  • Nuclear Engineering University/Industry Consortium

    Discretionary Support for Nuclear Engineering Program

  • Molecular Carcinogenesis Fund (Dr. Weghorst)

    For use by Dr. Weghorst in the Research of Molecular Carcinogenesis

  • Nuclear Reactor Laboratory Classroom Addition

    Source of funds will be through donations/gifts from OSU Alumni & Friends of the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory. Funds will be used for the new classroom addition.

  • Radiation Oncology Research Fund

    Supports research in the Department of Radiation Oncology for the work of Nicholas Denko PhD, MD (or his successor),

  • University Hospital Nuclear Medicine Stipend Fund

    To Support Nuclear Medicine Students with Purchases of Books, etc.

  • Nuclear Engineering Emeritus Faculty Sensors Development Fund

    Supports the efforts and research of emeritus faculty (or in the absence of emeritus faculty, simply faculty) within the Nuclear Engineering Program who are working on the development of sensors.

  • OSU Health System Nuclear Medicine Research Fund

    For Research Activities, Focusing on Clinical Research, in Nuclear Medicine is OSU Health System to Improve Patient Outcomes to Include but not Limited to Research, Personnel, Equipment, Supplies

  • Hajek Family Endowed Scholarship Fund in Nuclear Engineering

    Established January 27, 2017, with gifts from Brian Keith Hajek (MS 1972), Edith Ann Hajek, and others; 90% provides scholarship support equal to the increase in the cost of tuition which occurs when a student is accepted in the combined BS/MS dual degree program (this amount is the difference between undergraduate and graduate tuition) to candidates who demonstrate high academic performance and have expressed an interest in and be qualified for careers in commercial nuclear power and regulation or related research in the United States. It is the donors� desire that the scholarships be awarded with particular attention to, but not limited to, candidates who are United States citizens or residents and underrepresented groups, specifically African Americans and Native Americans. 10% provides an award to pay for scholarship recipients to travel to American Nuclear Society meetings to present research papers related to their research in Nuclear Engineering.

  • The Human Cancer Molecular Genetics Research Endowment Fund

    Established February 7, 1997, anonymously through The Foundation. Income supports the highest priority of The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute with preference to human cancer molecular genetics.

  • Radiation Oncology Patient Sunshine Fund

    For Radiation Oncology programs and activities for patients undergoing radiation therapy treatment for care/comfort items, refreshments, educational supplies, reading materials, toys/games, equipment or other items approved by dept chairman, clinical or a

  • Radiation Therapy Research Fund at the James

    To Support Radiation Therapy Research at The Comprehensive Cancer Center - Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute

  • Radiation Oncology Residency Program Fund

    Provides general support for the Residency Program of the Department of Radiation Oncology. Includes but is not limited to education programs, travel, meetings, events, research awards, equipment, supplies, technology, salary, benefits and other special activities that support the residency program as approved by the director.

  • Scarlet Wave Athletic Fund

    To be used to develop athletic programs on campus including, but not limited to team equipment and transportation to athletic venues for practice or competition

  • Engine Wave Dynamics/Selamet

    Used by Professor Ahmet Selamet, or his successor in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, in the development of Sub-Models for Engine Simulation research.

  • Chemistry Discretionary Fund

    To support research in the Department of Chemistry

  • Chemistry Student Scholarship Fund

    Funds will support scholarships for Chemistry Undergraduate and Graduate Students

  • Chemistry New Building Fund

    Supports construction and renovation of new chemical laboratories for the Department of Chemistry