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  • Piketon Research and Extension Center Support Fund

    Discretionary Support for Piketon Research and Extension Center

  • Extension Community Development Fund

    Established September 22, 2006, by employee contributions and funds from existing accounts within Extension. Distribution supports community development work with OSU Extension. Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.

  • Minch Leadership Development Fund

    Supports the educational efforts of a second year Medical Student at the College who has, in the opinion of faculty, expressed interest and ability in pursuing leadership activities in the areas of medical policy development, medical management/business activities, political process and achievement, and/or developing community outreach programs that benefit patients in need of health care. The award should be limited to no more that 20% of the student’s tuition, and, if excess funds are available, more than one student could be supported. Subject to the 20% limit, the size and number of awards should be determined by the amount of funds available, and candidates will be chosen by the College scholarship committee, approved by the Dean in consultation with Student Financial Aid. Based on the student’s continued development of leadership efforts and skills (in the opinion of current active faculty), the award could be repeated two additional times. Students in a dual degree program, specifically the MD-MBA and related programs, would not be eligible for the award. The award is to be referred to as the Minch Leadership Grant, and the trustee of the Minch Foundation is to be notified of the award and the rationale for awarding the grant when the grant is awarded.

  • Kirwan Institute Staff Development Fund

    Funds go towards staff development when support cannot be secured from existing Kirwan, OSU/ODI/OAA resources. Funds promote team building; mentorship; development and materials to support the same.

  • EBV Vaccine Research and Development Fund

    Funds to be used to Support Dr. Caligiuri's (or successors) research and development in EBV vaccine at the James Cancer Hospital

  • Global One Health Development Fund

    Funds to be used at the discretion of the executive director. Fund will be used to established strong networks within the college, across the university, and around the world to build collaborative teams and innovative approaches to improve the health and well-being of people and animals.

  • Family Medicine Development Fund

    Family Medicine Development Fund

  • Peptide Research and Development Fund

    To Fund Research and Development Efforts for Division of Reproductive Biology in Peptide Area

  • Behavioral Neuroscience Development Fund

    The Behavioral Neuroscience Development Fund will be utilized to support the activities of the Behavioral Neuroscience area within the Department of Psychology.

  • The Palliative Medicine Development Fund

    Fund to Support Education, Research, Growth and Development at Pallative Medicine and Hospice Care at OSU Medical Center

  • The ISE Leadership Development Fund

    In conjunction with AMEND’s scholarship fund, this fund supports the development of leadership initiatives or other priorities at the discretion of the chair of the Department of Integrated Systems Engineering with an emphasis on students & student orgs.

  • Pharmacy Staff Development Fund

    Staff Development, Staff Training, etc.

  • Guernsey County Development Fund

    To Record Transactions Related to Guernsey Country Development Activity

  • SPA Professional Development Fund

    To Support Professional Development Activities of SPA Students

  • Pharmacy Leadership Development Fund

    Used by the professor directing the leadership development program.

  • Student Professional Development Fund

    To Support Student Travel, Conference Attendance, and other Professional Development Activities

  • Veterinary Staff Development Fund

    Provides resources and opportunities for staff professional development and/or continuing education.

  • ASCTech Fund for Professional Development

    Supports professional development and continuing education for Arts and Sciences Technology Services Staff.

  • The Development Support Fund

    Established September 23, 2005, from Ruth Herndon's estate and University Development staff members. Distribution supports University Development operations.

  • Equestrian Club Development Fund

    To Support the Equestrian Club in their Fund Raising Endeavors

  • Institute for Ergonomics Development Fund

    Supports travel by institute personnel , the development of PR materials and expenses associated with guest lecturers.

  • Neuroscience Development Fund

    To Support the Teaching and Research Mission of the Department of Neuroscience. Also to Support Faculty Development and Professional Growth

  • Physical Facilities Development Fund

    Encourage Staff Development and Excellence thru Recognition Awards, Training, Conference Hosting Expenses and Department Enrichment Beyond That

  • Product Development Fund

    Support for Student Product Development Projects; to be Administered by Eminent Scholar in Arts and Design Technology and Chairperson, Department of industrial Design

  • Chinese Studies Development Fund

    To be Used by the Director in Support of East Asian Studies Program Fund

  • APN Professional Development Fund

    For professional development and continuing education support for Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) in OSU Health System; seletion of recipients and allocation per established guidelines.

  • Leadership Development Support Fund

    For leadership, professional development continuing medical education costs for OSU Medical Administration include but (not limited to)conference, publication software/media, equipment, memberships

  • Sport Club Development Fund

    This fund supports the Sport Club program in Recreational Sports, including support to individual clubs.

  • Young Scholars Development Fund

    Record the Donations and Expenditures for the Young Scholars Program. This fund is housed in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

  • The Cardiology Recruitment and Development Fund

    Established June 4, 1999, by John G. McCoy through The Foundation. Income supports faculty recruitment and development in the Division of Cardiology, which includes recruiting national eminent physicians, faculty and researchers to the Division and the H eart and Lung Institute, developing and maintaining academic excellence and leadership for cardiovascular research, education and training, and commitment to quality patient care, diagnostics, technology, and treatment in an academic medical center.

  • J. Michael Dunn Fund for Student Professional Development

    Allow students to pursue professional development opportunities, allow students to request funds to attend conferences and workshops which will enhance collegiate experience

  • Ross Heart Hospital Nursing Development Fund

    Provides support for the Ross Heart Hospital nursing staff professional development, medical education/training and conference attendance;certain funds may be earmarked for particular units

  • OSUCCC-The James Drug Development Institute Fund

    Provides support towards mission of Ohio State's Drug Development Institute (DDI) under OSUCCC-The James to accelerate drug discovery and development to speed new cancer treatments to patients. DDI offers unique, proven approach to identify and optimize value of promising compounds created by Ohio State cancer research experts and to leverage alliances with partners within OSU and the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Funds are allocated by DDI's director in consultation with CEO/director of The James/CCC.

  • Personalized Professional Development Pathway Fund

    Fund established to support professional development of faculty, staff and students of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • The Dairy Product Development Team Fund

    This fund supports graduate or undergraduate dairy product innovation development teams’ related activities including, but not limited to, travel to conferences and competitions, materials, supplies, etc.

  • Foreign Language Center Development Fund

    To handle Development Monies Scholarship, and other Monies

  • Student Activities Administration Development Fund

    Development Donations for General Use to the Office of Student Activities

  • OARDC Staff Career Development Fund

    Supports career development activities for the staff of OARDC.

  • Meigs County Program Development Fund

    To Handle Donations and Expenditures Related to Development of Expanded Extension Programs in Meigs County.

  • Minority Extension Professional Development Fund

    Used to provide funding for professional development opportunities for minority employees of OSU Extension.

  • College of Medicine Faculty Development Fund

    For professional and faculty development and other activities in Faculty Affairs in College of Medicine as allocated by director in consultation with dean.

  • Community Development Extension Support Fund

    Support for Educational Programs in Community and Natural Resources Development within the Ohio Cooperative Extension Services

  • Movement Disorder Career Development Fund

    Supports Program and Career Development to Integrate Movement Disorder Treatment use for but not Limited to Salaries, Associated Expenses

  • OSUMC Community Development Support Fund

    For support of activities/programs in Community Development such as but not limited to: community activities, school partnerships, health/wellness of of expecting mothers

  • Neuroscience Development and Plasticity Support Fund

    For Development & Plasticity program in Neurosci for rsrch/other activities: Per sonnel, confrncs, equip, supplies, edu ,training, publications/other media as approved by the chairman

  • The Acarology Development Foundation Endowment Fund

    Established February 1, 2013 with gifts from the Acarology Development Foundation and its donors; used to provide up to three need-based scholarships per year to students training in acarology with preference given to those focusing on taxonomy.

  • Women's Studies Professional Development Fund

    Established February 1, 2008 with gifts from friends of the College of Humanities and the Department of Women's Studies; used for activities that contribute to the professional development of core faculty and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Revised and November 9, 2012.

  • Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center Meteorology Group Development Fund

    This fund will support scholarly and research activities of the Byrd Polar Research Center Polar Meteorology Group. Funds will be used for staff travel, page charges, personnel, student support and supplies

  • Ohio State University Administrative Professionals Development Fund

    OSUAP Staff Career Development Grants awarded to assist eligible Ohio State staff members with education and training costs associated with the pursuit of professional development and to fund OSUAP sponsored professional development events.

  • Columbus Foundation Professional Development School Fund

    Support the Development of Professional Development Schools in the Columbus Public School District