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  • Personal Seat License Annual Fee

    To Support Personal Seat License Fees and Discretionary Expenses at the Schottenstein Center

  • IEEE - Chair

    Aid research, teaching, and service programs, and facilities within the Department of Electrical Engineering to further the mission IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electonics Engineering)

  • Office of Legal Affairs Gift Account

    To Accept Occasional Gifts for Discretionary use by The Office of Legal Affairs

  • Honey Bees Research Fund

    This fund is to be used for honey bees research at The Ohio State University Wooster Campus.

  • Department of Design Peer to Peer Student Mentorship Fund

    Provides support for students participating in the Department’s peer to peer mentorship program. Recipients, the number of recipients, and amount of support shall be determined in accordance with the then current guidelines and procedures for student support established by the College, in consultation with Student Financial Aid.

  • R. Reed Fraley Scholarship Fund

    For attendance at national health care administrator(s) of OSU Health System Hospitals. May cover lodging, travels, conference fees etc.

  • IEEE Graduate Students - Chair

    Aids research, teaching, and service programs, and facilities within the Department of Electrical Engineering to further the mission IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineering) for graduate students.

  • Minority Assistance 'Financial Aid' Program

    To Support Student Aid to Undergraduates at the Fisher College of Business

  • ATI Student Emergency Aid Fund

    Supports ATI students in financial emergency situations on a case-by-case basis. Recipients and award amounts shall be determined by the Director of ATI or his/her designee and when appropriate in consultation with Student Financial Aid. Funds shall not be used as regular annual scholarship awards.

  • Columbus Free Clinic Support Fund

    Assists patients on OSUMC bill payments when patient referred by Columbus Free Clinic, mainly costs of tests/procedures To be reviewed by Admin Director/Revenue Cycle/Hlth System Financial Servs

  • Club Seat Annual Fee Fund

    To Collect Funds for Club Seat Program and for Discretionary Expenses Associated with Club Seats at Ohio Stadium

  • The Robert J. Fass Memorial Fund in Infectious Diseases

    Established September 22, 2006, by family, friends, and colleagues in his memory through The Foundation. Distribution supports medical education and research on infectious diseases, with emphasis on AIDS and antimicrobials. As funding permits, preferenc e is given to the creation of the Robert J. Fass M.D. Memorial Lectureship in Infectious Diseases. Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.

  • The Student Athlete Grant-In-Aid Endowment Fund

    Established June 12, 1980, by friends of the Department of Athletics. Income helps defray the overall grant-in-aid costs.

  • College of Law Student Financial Aid Fund

    To support financial aid for law students

  • The Angela Lumpkin Endowed Student Aid Fund

    Established June 6, 2014, with gifts from Dr. Angela Lumpkin [MA 1972, PhD 1974]; used to provide student aid for a student[s] enrolled in the University�s Graduate School.

  • Moot Court and Lawyering Skills Fund

    Discretionary support for Lawyering Skills Competition Program in The College of Law

  • CEEGS Lab Renovation Fund

    To Renovate the Lab at the CEEGS

  • The Feder Cardiac Research Fund

    Established March 6, 1998, by Dr. John G. Feder through The Foundation. Income supports the medical advancement of cardiology in both basic and clinical research. Unused income is reinvested to principal. If income is not used for more than two years, Th e Board of Trustees, in consultation with others, will designate another use.

  • Pets for Vets Fund

    Supports activities related to the programming and operations of the Pets for Vets program. If funds are not used for two consecutive years, they may be used to support other veteran programming

  • Karen Jones Family Foundation Fuel for Learning Study Fund

    The funds are to help facilitate the implementation of "Fuel for Learning" study in CPS, and are intended to support the cost of data collection. Examples of expenditure are: DVD and program materials, assessments, and small incentives for participants

  • The Simon H. Leister Engineering Scholarship And Grant-In-Aid Fund

    Established November 6, 1987, with a bequest from Mildred M. McGormley. Income provides scholarships/grants-in-aid to deserving engineering students.

  • ATI - Beef Industry Tour Fund

    This fund will provide assistance to students in the Beef II class participating in the annual Beef Industry Tour. The purpose of this trip is to expose students to aspects of the beef industry not typically found in Ohio such as, large ranches, feedlots, stock operations and packing plants. Other educational components include beef production in arid environments and interactions with government agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and the National Forest Service, which control grazing rights in much of the West. Students are exposed to a variety of careers in the industry and get to meet and establish relationships with industry professionals.

  • STAR Faces of Resilience Event Fund

    To support the Stress, Trauma, and Resilience fundraising event, Faces of Resilience, which benefits the OSU Wexner Medical Center Psychiatry Department (including, not limited to): education, training, clinical services/trials, research.

  • Fruit Pathology and Fresh Produce Safety

    Fund to support the research activities of Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey, or her successor, on fruit pathology and fresh produce safety. Funds may also be used to support payroll activity for students, staff, faculty or researchers.

  • The Fred Gump Scholarship Fund

    Established February 4, 2005, from his estate through The Foundation. Distribution provides one or more scholarships to School of Music students majoring in performance in the Bachelor of Music Jazz Studies curriculum. Scholarships are renewable to a maximum of four years. Recipients will be chosen based solely on talent (need shall not be a factor) by the director of the School of Music upon recommendation by the Jazz Studies faculty and in conjunction with the University’s Office of Student Financial Aid.

  • Schottenstein Center Personal Seat License Maintenance Fee Fund

    The use of these funds will be Debt Service Retirement, Facility Renovations Upgrades of Existing Equipment, Building Infrastructure and Building Technology

  • BMES Student Conference Award Fund

    Provides support for students to attend the annual BMES Conference. Expenditures will be approved by Department Business Manager.

  • Shelby County 4-H Project Aid Fund

    Supports Shelby County 4-H members with their projects. Support shall include, but not be limited to, the purchase of livestock, housing, tack, feed, bedding, books, supplies, etc. Awardees shall be selected based on an application process administered by the Shelby County 4-H Advisory Board, in collaboration with and final approvals from the Shelby County Extension personnel.

  • CFAES Wooster Livestock Judging Graduate Support Fund

    The fund supports one or more graduate students working with the CFAES Wooster Livestock Judging team under the direction of the Livestock Selection and Evaluation faculty member, in the Department of Animal Sciences. Support shall include, but not be limited to, tuition/fees, stipend, research and travel expenses. It is the College’s intent to provide as significant financial support as possible to one eligible recipient. Any remaining funds may be used to provide as significant financial support as possible to additional eligible recipients. If there are any remaining funds or if no students meet the selection criteria, the funds may also be used to support training materials, travel expenses, and other programming expenses for either the CFAES Wooster or CFAES Columbus Livestock Judging Teams. If the CFAES Wooster Junior Livestock Judging Team ceases to exist, the remaining balance will support the CFAES Columbus Livestock Judging Team.

  • The Keys Association Endowment for Multiple Sclerosis Research

    Established December 5, 2003, by The Keys Association of Columbus through The Foundation. Income supports the advancement of medical knowledge, including research, to prevent and cure multiple sclerosis and related disorders.

  • Feed the World Research

    To Support Rice Molecular Biology Research and Generate Transgenic Resistant Rice Cultivars for Developing Countries

  • The Fred R. Taylor Scholarship Fund

    Established May 7, 1976, by friends and associates in his honor. Income supplements grants-in-aid to men's varsity basketball members.

  • Fred B. Henry Memorial Fund

    Established March 18, 1970, with a bequest from Dorothy Dye Henry in memory of her husband. Income provides undergraduate/graduate scholarships, student loans or grants-in-aid, with preference to mechanical engineering students.

  • EHE Student Aid Fund

    Assists students in the College of Education and Human Ecology on a case by case basis at the discretion of the dean of the college.

  • Lee and Fred D. Pfening, Jr. Library Enrichment Fund

    Established April 3, 1992, by Mr. Pfening. Income purchases books, journals and other library materials, supplies and equipment, personnel resources, resources, activities and fees related to preservation of library materials or other purposes deemed ben eficial by the director of University Libraries. Unused income is reinvested to principal.

  • The OSU Speech and Hearing Clinic - Children's Hearing Aid Fund

    Supports the purchase and fitting of hearing aids for disadvantaged children who are patients at the OSU Speech and Hearing Clinic

  • Paleoanthropology and Evolutionary Ecology Research Fund (PEER)

    Funds overseas fossil excavations, publication costs and conference travel. Portion funds graduate and undergrad student research

  • Susan Scherer Charitable Foundation Keep Books Support Fund

    To Support Reading Recovery Keep Books and to Specifically Assist the Organization's Efforts in the Area of Reading Education for Schoolaged Children

  • The Dr. Clifford Heer Graduate Student Scholarship Award Fund in the Department of Physics

    Established September 21, 2007, with gifts in memory of Professor Emeritus Clifford Heer from his wife, Esther Heer and other family members; used to provide annual scholarship awards to graduate students studying physics based on academic performance.

  • The Robert L. and Phyllis J. Iles Award for the Graduate Study of Myth

    Established February 10, 2012 with a gift from Sarah Iles Johnston; used for one award each spring quarter for a graduate student in support of that student’s research on myth.

  • EHE Student Emergency Aid Fund

    Provides an emergency fund for students that will be administered by the Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Ecology.

  • Office of Student Financial Aid Fund

    Purpose of Allowing Staff to Contribute for use to Purchase Items at the Director's Discretion

  • The Ruby Colflesh Hess Memorial Fund in the College of Education

    Established November 1, 1985, by John Frederick Hess in memory of his wife. Income benefits the secondary education program in the School of Teaching and Learning, in the areas of greatest need which would benefit students.

  • Canter's Cave 4-H Special Needs Programs

    Used to Support Programs Specifically Designed for 4-Hers with Disabilities at Canter's Cave 4-H Camp

  • Students First, Students Now Scholarship Fund in FAES

    Provides need-based scholarship monies for students in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

  • The Fred Beekman Endowed Fund

    Established June 2, 2000, by the Beekman family and friends through The Foundation. Income supports enhancements to the Fred Beekman Park to continue its state-of-the-art nature.

  • Alan Letson College of Medicine Financial Aid Fund

    Provides one or more awards to students who are enrolled in the College and are taking preparatory courses not offered by the College for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (“USMLE”) step 1. Preference shall be given to students who have previously failed one of more of the required USMLE facsimile tests offered by the College before attempting the USMLE step 1. If no students meet the selection criteria, awards shall be open to students who demonstrate financial need and plan to take a preparatory course of some kind. The Donor desires that when selecting recipients, special consideration be given for students who have experience living or working in diverse environments. In order to determine effectiveness, the Donor wishes to have outcome measures reported. The primary outcome measures are passage of College required facsimile tests and subsequent passage of USMLE step 1. The secondary measures are passage of part two and three of the USMLE curriculum. If the Fund is found to be ineffective or unusable the Donor may request to transfer unspent gifts from the Donor to The Alan and Susan Letson Retina and Ophthalmology Fund.

  • Ohio State Mansfield Student Emergency Aid Fund

    Provides emergency support for students struggling to continue their education, as determined by a campus committee

  • The CFAES Translating Research Fund

    Supports initiatives, research, support, and staffing around translating research in CFAES

  • CFAES Alumni Society Fund

    Supports activities of the CFAES Alumni Society including events, student co-curricular activities, marketing and communication with college alumni , and participation in college alumni programs.