Bucks vs Ducks

Bucks vs. Ducks Giving Challenge

We're #1 - thanks to you!

We took the title. And thanks to you, we won the first-ever National Championship Giving Challenge against the Ducks with a final tally of 1,027 to 577 donations!

Your generosity will send students to school, improve patients’ lives, create groundbreaking research, and so much more. Thank you for giving and helping to make history. You make us proud to be Buckeyes! 

Bucks vs Ducks Current Standings

About the Challenge
Competitions heated up on and off the field as The Ohio State University and the University of Oregon went head-to-head in the Bucks vs. Ducks National Championship Giving Challenge!

The Challenge was a competition to see who could rally the most donors to their university between Friday, January 9 and Tuesday, January 13 at noon.

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