Sponsor a student's white coat today.

When you accepted your white coat, you committed yourself to the highest standards of the profession. And now, years later, when you look down at the name on your coat, you’re reminded of what that white coat really stands for and who you’ve become – someone dedicated to a life of caring for others.

At The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine, join us in welcoming those about to embark on that tremendous journey and bestowing upon them the coat that means so much. You can create that special moment for a new student by sponsoring a white coat.

Sponsoring a white coat is a special way of welcoming the newest members of your profession. It provides critical scholarship support and lets a student about to take same path as you know someone believes in them.

Please sponsor an incoming student’s white coat today and welcome them to a career and life only someone special can do.

Graduate of the Last Decade Sponsor $100   Scarlet & Gray Sponsor $250
 Lead. Serve. Inspire. Sponsor $500  Dean Level Sponsor $1,000
 Centennial Sponsor $5,000  Donation amount of your choice.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about efforts to support the College of Medicine, please contact Jessica Gelin at 614-685-1963. Thank you!