January 2016

Improving graduation rates, closing the achievement gap. Ohio State is in the top five nationally for improving overall graduation rates and the graduation rates of underrepresented minority students, according to The Education Trust. “These findings underscore our institutional commitment to inclusive excellence,” said President Michael V. Drake.

Curing cancer at the nanoscale. By reprogramming individual human cells, scientists may one day rid the world of incurable cancers — and a Buckeye engineering student is doing his part. Technology developed by Lingqian Chang can safely apply the electrical field needed to make cells permeable, providing unprecedented control over dosage of cancer drug treatments.

First-of-its-kind literacy program shows results. Graduate students and clinicians from Ohio State’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic took part in an onsite, pre-K literacy intervention program to help children whose families are below 125 percent of the poverty level. The results? Almost 90 percent of the pre-school students demonstrated higher literacy scores.

National honors for scientific achievement. Five Ohio State faculty have received prestigious recognition from the world’s largest general scientific society for efforts to advance science or its applications. The university now boasts more than 100 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Ohio State scientists also were recognized by the National Academy of Inventors for outstanding contributions to innovation.

“Education for Citizenship.” Ohio State’s motto is demonstrated in many ways, including an innovative mentoring partnership connecting an aspiring college student with a current Buckeye and an alum. Detailed in The Chronicle of Higher Education, it is one of more than 50 community engagement projects that make up the Buckeye Civic Engagement Connection.