January 2018

No. 1. Ohio State scientists took the top spot in Prevention's list of the 20 most life-changing medical breakthroughs of 2017. "Regenerative medicine — a branch of science working to find ways to regrow or replace damaged tissue and organs — took a huge leap forward," the magazine wrote, "when (Ohio State) researchers announced the development of a new technology called tissue nanotransfection."

And the winner is ... Ohio State astrophysicist Christopher Hirata received the New Horizons in Physics Prize at the Breakthrough Prize ceremony — called the "Oscars of science" and hosted by actor Morgan Freeman. Hirata's work has centered on the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, which scientists believe control how galaxies form and how the universe expands.

Unprecedented achievement. For the first time, three colleges at one university were named recipients of the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award: Ohio State's College of Medicine, College of Nursing and College of Veterinary Medicine. The award recognizes outstanding commitment to inclusive excellence, part of President Michael V. Drake's 2020 Vision for the university.

Toy story. Professor Paul Janssen is an avid Lego fan who leads the human heart program at the Wexner Medical Center. He has constructed a replica of Ohio Stadium out of more than 1 million toy bricks — and is using the Buckeye-inspired creation to raise funds for the university's heart lab, which does more research on live human heart tissue than any other program in the world.

Top 10. Ohio State ranks No. 1 in the Big Ten and No. 5 among the nation's colleges and universities for students undertaking study abroad experiences. The most popular destinations for Ohio State students include the United Kingdom, Spain, China, Australia and Honduras. Nationally, the leading destinations are the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France and China.