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Episode 1
Artificial intelligence, or AI, is having a moment right now. From chatbots to image and music production and more, it’s changing how we work and how we think. In this episode, we talk with two Ohio State experts about AI’s current state, how we can harness and improve it and what the future holds.
23-minute listen
Dr. Mawada Osman looks on as optometry student Sidney Parks takes eye measurements.
In the Community The power of seeing and being seen
Inspired by her professors and personal immigration experience, this compassionate optometrist provides quality care to disadvantaged community members and teaches her students to treat patients as people first.
9-minute read
A researcher wearing gloves holds up a sample "metastasis-on-a-chip."
Research & Innovation Miniature organs may unlock the future of cancer therapy
The Skardal Biofabrication Lab is building tiny, lifelike organs and tumors from a patient’s own tumor cells. It’s a new way to test therapies, design treatments personalized for specific tumors and track the behavior of tumor cells.
9-minute read