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There are many benefits to early action at Ohio State

Applying to Ohio State by Nov. 1 can help you in many ways
Early action benefits

We get it. Being a high school senior, you’ve got a lot on your plate already. And you might be thinking: I’ll apply to college during winter break, when I have extra time.

And that’s okay. If you’re able to set aside some time, there are a few advantages to applying to Ohio State by the Nov. early action deadline.

“The Nov. 1 deadline is really important for students to have the best chance for merit-based scholarships and to be considered for many great opportunities,” says Stephanie Elliott, advising manager for University Exploration. “It can only help you.”


For starters, if you submit your completed Common Application and all the required materials by midnight Nov. 1, you’ll be considered for most merit-based scholarships.

Along with that, if you are interested in majors in the College of Engineering, the Morrill Scholarship programLand Grant Opportunity Scholarship for Ohio residents, and Honors and Scholars programs, hitting that early application deadline is key.

“Those programs are wonderful. They really add a lot to the undergrad experience,” Elliott says. “For example, I can’t say enough good things about our Honors and Scholars programs. Scholars is a great way to create your community at Ohio State.”

Also, you’ll get an earlier response. Those who apply by Nov. 1 will get a decision no later than Jan. 31. That means more time for you to make a decision.

“Knowing that information by the end of January is huge,” Elliott says. “You can ask admission counselors questions, connect with an academic unit and consider the logistics of going to Ohio State. (Having extra time) can really help to determine if this is the place you want to be.”

You’ll have more time to visit Ohio State’s campus and explore colleges that interest you before making your decision.

Plus, applying early doesn’t bind you to Ohio State. While some colleges and universities require you to make a binding decision when applying early, Ohio State does not. If you are admitted, you can still weigh your options before committing.

Submitting an application by Nov. 1 is the first step to becoming a Buckeye. Find out what the Ohio State experience is like from other Buckeyes.

Applying early also can be a stress reliever in numerous ways.

Not only do you get your application in and done, allowing you to focus on other things, but you’ll put yourself in a better situation for merit-based scholarship funds and to be part of amazing programs. And you’ll have more time to decide.

So, are you ready to apply – or do you need more information to get started? Check out the Undergraduate Admissions step-by-step application page.

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