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How Ohio State’s communities support students

Here are five examples of how Ohio State’s communities encourage a sense of belonging, inspiration and achievement.
Two students sit together on a couch and collaborate on a project.
Ohio State has a number of communities that provide students with excellent support.

Students who join Ohio State to further their education are gaining more than degrees in one of the country’s most up-and-coming cities. They are joining a caring community that enables students to find friends, mentors and the support needed to succeed in college and the years beyond.

But what is this community made of? And how can students be a part of it? There are countless ways. One of the most impressive values of Ohio State is the way it fosters and cultivates a number of communities dedicated to helping students reach their potential. 

Here are five examples of how Ohio State’s communities encourage a sense of belonging, inspiration and achievement.

Protecting your well-being

The team at Ohio State’s Student Wellness Center provides a wealth of support resources that empower students to live healthier, happier lives. One of those resources is the Buckeye Peer Access Line, a group of active and compassionate students dedicated to listening to their peers and helping them cope with a variety of challenges.

Mentoring matters

Faculty and staff at Ohio State are highly engaged with students and committed to building meaningful and lasting connections in and out of the classroom. Their mentorship fosters success and has not been stopped by the challenges of the past two years. From a student’s freshman year on, mentors help students find opportunitiesconnect with broad networks and support students who come to the university from near and far.

Living and learning

Ohio State offers more than 15 learning communities that give students with similar academic interests a chance to live on the same floor of a residence hall. This opportunity directly connects students with those who are passionate about similar areas of study, offering a supportive community for educational growth. Future students interested in joining a learning community should apply by April 15.

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Engaging through student organizations

More than 1,400 organizations are available for Ohio State students, giving them a wide array of opportunities to join students with similar interests who help them feel encouraged and empowered. These groups span a wide range of interest areas. Groups like the Boo Radley Society and others promote kindness, caring and support of the entire university community.

Connecting with powerful alumni network

Buckeyes stick together, and that’s one big reason that Ohio State’s alumni base – which numbers nearly 600,000 strong – plays such an integral role in helping students succeed during and after college. Alumni engage students through organizations like Student-Alumni Council and help students achieve success. Once in the working world, alumni continue to support their own communities by contributing at home and beyond.

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