Re-Evaluating & Refining Childhood Literacy

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Episode 16 26-minute listen

Re-Evaluating and Refining Childhood Literacy

Reading and comprehension are vital to a child’s future success. The earlier literacy skills are acquired, the better. But unfortunately, we might be falling behind in teaching language and comprehension to children. In this episode, we speak with two experts about the ways children learn to read, what can be done to improve comprehension, the toll the pandemic has taken on early learning and more.
Shayne Piasta headshot looking into the camera in front of a window
College of Education and Human Ecology
Shayne Piasta, PhD
Piasta, PhD, is a professor of Reading and Literacy in Early and Middle Childhood within the College of Education and Human Ecology. Her research into the science of reading examines early literacy development and how it is best supported during preschool and elementary years. Her research has also helped provide literacy benchmarks adopted by programs like Head Start and organizations throughout the nation.
Headshot of Meredith Schilling
Schoenbaum Family Center
Meredith Schilling ’06, MS ’08
Schilling is a team lead Pre-K teacher at the Ohio State University’s A. Sophie Rogers School, where she has taught for 17 years. Through her experience as a teacher, she often speaks at national conferences about subjects such as childhood trauma and how it shows up in school, along with how educators can help children in difficult situations. Ohio State’s A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning (within the Schoenbaum Family Center) is a national model for best practices, providing research-based early care and education to young children from all backgrounds.

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