Breakthroughs in Trauma Treatment

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Breakthroughs in Trauma Treatment

From the little things that add up to major, life-altering events, trauma is a distressing fact in many of our lives. Thankfully, there are people out there striving to improve treatment methods for those who need it.
Headshot of Julianna Nemeth
College of Public Health
Julianna Nemeth, PhD MA
Nemeth is an intervention scientist dedicated to conducting the scientific work needed to improve health and reduce disparities for those impacted by violence and trauma. Her work focuses on building and optimizing service access and behavioral interventions for these populations recognizing the chaotic circumstances in which they live and are trying to seek safety and health services.
Headshot of Dr. Craig Bryan
College of Medicine
Dr. Craig Bryan
Bryan is a board-certified clinical psychologist with expertise in cognitive-behavioral treatments for individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a military veteran, he has expertise working with military personnel, veterans and first responders. His military service has had a significant impact on his clinical work and research focus, shaping the questions he asks as a scientist and his understanding of the stresses and problems that his patients experience.

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