Ohio State basketball

a little fighter

The women’s basketball team made a special friend in this record-breaking season.

“The team loves being around him. It just makes us happy to see him happy,” says guard Rikki Harris about 6-year-old Landon McChesney.

Landon can’t walk and
struggles to talk. He has a
genetic condition so rare,
it doesn’t have a name.

Doctors said Landon wouldn’t live past 4. But he’ll turn 7 in April. He’s a fighter, like the Buckeyes.

The players hosted Landon at practices and games. They helped raise money for his treatment.


His mom, Jaren: “It was beautiful to watch him be so included and loved ...

“Some people might shy away from interacting with a kid with special needs,” his mom says. “The team just jumped right in. Hugs. Passing the basketball.”

Guard Jacy Sheldon says: “Having him here inspires us.”


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