The Ohio State University

An Ohio State student and doctor review a document
Katrina Cornish and a college examine a dandelion growing in a greenhouse.
Ohio State student Eyako Heh stands next to a staircase.

Take your next step:

Creating a world people need now.

The future is not only what you dream about; it’s what you create. Together, we’re finding solutions for challenges that can’t wait.

Two students and a director conduct a study using artificial intelligence

Discovering the strength of AI

Artificial intelligence research is flourishing at Ohio State — and students are getting in on the ground floor.
A student wearing headphones studies in the library

Supporting new starts

The Scarlet & Gray Advantage program will empower eligible Ohio State students to earn their bachelor’s degree — debt-free.
Two researchers working together in a lab

Connecting to create impact

Where ideas and expertise converge, the Innovation District will fuel an optimistic future and improve people’s lives.