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Hard copies of the Certification report are available for check out at the Main Library, the Department of Athletics, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Younkin Success Center.

The Ohio State University Mission Statement

The Ohio State University has as its mission the attainment of international distinction in education, scholarship, and public service. As the state's leading comprehensive teaching and research university, Ohio State combines a responsibility for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge with land-grant heritage of public service. It offers an extensive range of academic programs in the liberal arts, the sciences, and the professions.

Ohio State provides accessible, high-quality undergraduate and graduate education for qualified students who are able to benefit from a scholarly environment in which research inspires and informs teaching. At Ohio State we celebrate and learn from our diversity, and we value individual differences. Academic freedom is defended within an environment of civility, tolerance, and mutual respect.

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics Mission Statement

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics supports the University mission by providing student athletes with exceptional educational and athletic opportunities. We commit to national leadership, excellence and the highest ethical standards in intercollegiate athletics. We will sustain a strong financial and community base of support by presenting outstanding intercollegiate athletic teams which provide quality entertainment and a positive public identity for the University

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics Values and Commitments

  • Education and enrichment of the student-athlete - The department is committed to providing each student-athlete with quality educational opportunities and programs to help him/her grow as a total person, and better meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society. The department values competitive athletic and academic experiences that build self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, effective communication skills and an appreciation for life-long learning.
  • Integrity in all aspects of behavior - The highest sense of integrity shall characterize every aspect of policy, performance and programs in the OSUDA. All participants in the OSUDA will exemplify impeccable integrity - be they student-athletes, coaching staff, administrative professionals or support staff of the department.
  • Innovation in approach and spirit - In order to meet its goals and develop a problem-solving orientation among the individuals of the OSUDA, the department is dedicated to encouraging innovation and creativity as core values. Entrepreneurial approaches and ideas are encouraged. A sense of urgency is key to successful innovation. Complacency has no place in an innovative organization.
  • Excellence throughout the organization - Excellence shall permeate the performance, the people and the achievements of the OSUDA. Seeking excellence is crucial to development of our people. It is imperative that high expectations characterize our behavior on the playing field, in the classroom and laboratory and throughout parts of the organization.
  • Respect for the individual - The department is committed to reinforcing and enhancing a climate of mutual respect. The OSUDA values the contributions of individuals throughout the organization, and encourages open communication. Recognizing the need to work as a team and each individual's self-worth, the department values diversity in its people - be that diversity expressed by heritage, race, belief, sexual preference or gender. Inclusiveness is crucial to real teamwork.
  • A tradition of leadership - The traditions of Ohio State Athletics - leadership, individual and team achievement, an intense pride and loyalty, and a commitment to "give back" to the community - have in large part driven the success and reputation of the department across generations. The OSUDA is committed to enhancing and building upon these traditions for the development of past, current and future members of the University family and citizens of the State of Ohio.

- The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University