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Fiscal Integrity Subcommittee Meeting June 25, 2002

In Attendance: R. Fraley, M. Krygier, K. Adelsberger, J. Borowiec, W. Cleverley, Z. Divis, P. Hagan, S. Henderson, T. Hof, L. Kalafatis, M. Marvel, R. Simonson, J. Stevens, K. Wruck Guest: K. Patton

I. R. Fraley introduced Kevin Patton, Director of Internal Audit

II. Kevin Patton - External Auditor Selection Process

* Auditor of State (AOS) has oversight of the process
* 5-year contract with Independent Public Accountant (IPA)
- RFP issued
- Office of Internal Audit evaluates proposals submitted
with the assistance of vested interest departments
- Submit recommendations to AOS
* AOS releases proposed pricing
- Score calculated based on lowest price and added to
technical scoring by Office of Internal Audit
- AOS advised of External Audit's preferred selection
* AOS submits recommendation to IPA Contracting Committee
who then approves/disapproves recommendation (selection of\
* Deloitte & Touche (D&T) selected for FY 2002 through 2005
* 40 - 60 hours set aside by auditors specifically for NCAA Compliance

Action: Request for awarded contract be given to Ms. Krygier
(Cost and hourly breakdown will be included)

III. Kevin Patton - D&T Audit Activity of Department of Athletics

* Reports submitted by D&T and action taken
- 01/02 and 11/00 - Review of Athletics' Statement of Revenue and Expenditures; and internal control structure - no action but for 10/99
finding specific to 5 Booster organizations of not signing Certificate of
of Compliance Form; 5 Boosters did not send monthly bank statements
with copies of checks; 1 Booster did not have bylaws relinquishing
assets to University if dissolution. Corrective action taken. No problem in subsequent years.
- 06/02 - Student-athlete Financial Aid for2001-02; procedure and
documentation review for students receiving NCAA Special
Assistance Funding - no action.
- 01/02 - Student-athlete Financial Aid for 2000-01; procedure for documenting athletically-related income as it related to full or part-time department staff - 2 student-athletes paid room and board stipends and were not eligible; athletics was charged a full-time fee by FDD for a grant in aid student that was attending part time. Corrective action: Comments accepted by management.
- 06/02 - Review of Bookroom - Documentation of bookroom
operations were not retained for NCAA compliance; summary of
bookroom operations were not forwarded to the Compliance Office.
Corrective action: Comments accepted by management.
- 12/00 - Adequacy of internal controls and processes to ensure
compliance with NCAA & Big Ten Conference rules and regulations
as well as University policies and procedures in the areas of student financial aid, recruiting, eligibility, rules education, organization & structure, investigatory and self-reporting processes, camps, and academic support services. Corrective action: Several comments were issued in the areas related to Financial Aid and Camps. Less findings in other areas tested. Comments were accepted by management.
- Same audit for Ticket Office - Significant discussion followed as to
why Schottenstein facility was incorporated in the audit first 3 years and then thereafter (year 2001) not.

Action: Provide Committee with answer to Schottenstein Arena's current relationship to the Department of Athletics.

IV. Susan Henderson - Sources of Revenue Under Direct University Control

* All of the following revenue streams listed are deposited and managed within
the University's general ledger and subject to all controls as any other funds.
- Ticket Sales
- Concessions
- Rental Income
- Fees & Memberships
- Merchandise Sales
- Postage & Handling
- Television
- Broadcasting
- Programs
- Sponsorships
- Guarantees (Guarantees received for playing away competitions)
- Scoreboard and Signage
- Miscellaneous
- NCAA Distributions
- Ice Rink Revenue
- Golf Course Revenue
- Parking

Other Revenue Sources

- Interest Income
- Endowment Interest
- Development Funds
- Suite Revenue & Club Seats
- NYSP (National Youths Sports Programs)
- Royalty Income
- Affinity Card (credit card agreement)
- Gift in Kind

Revenue Sources Not Under the Accounting Control of the University
- Booster Organizations

Action: A need for clarification of the Multi Year Budget to Actual Comparison. A meeting involving Mr. Fraley, Ms, Krygier, Ms. Henderson, and Dr. Cleverly will be convened to further discuss revenue of current financial statement distributed today, June 25, 2002.

V. Melissa Krygier - NCAA Fiscal Integrity Subcommittee Meeting Agenda Plan

* Chart distribution reflecting meetings/dates; possible guests/speakers; topics; and description of working subcommittees in order to make the best use of the Subcommittee's time and to meet its deadline responsibility.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

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