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Fiscal - August 27, 2002

Reed Intro

Melissa Discussion of Current Items

- talked with John Bruno regarding committees not overlapping
- upcoming small group meetings with Heather Lyke, Pete Hagan

Susan Henderson

- 4 handouts

#1 Operating Principle 3.1 - Self Study Item 1

- First, narrative describes what all revenue is
- Next, Operating Revenue by Line Item
- page 3 of 3 has a list of 10 items that are counted in revenues but go elsewhere in University (like Development)
- last four are to pay for debt service on stadium
- Next, ten page Fund Group Summary
- has all funds of University
- top of page one: Auxiliaries - Athletics Revenue Funds
- Finally, Outside Funds
- primarily Boosters
- not really budgeted
- at most $200K
- attached shows last 3 years

#2 Operating Principle 3.1 - Self Study Item 2

- Blank copy of form for budget submittal that all coaches and department heads receive to submit their budget requests
- each sport fills it out
- told ballpark for spending increases
- submits to appropriate associate athletic director
- Susan/Pete sit down with associate ADs and go over
- also do this with operational departments
- all info goes into main spreadsheet
- get it balanced
- Sample of completed budget from Womenıs Basketball
- lines that are grayed out are ones that the coaches have no control over, Athletics puts those in
- all costs in white add up to Operating Budget Summary (at bottom)

#3 Schematic of Athletics Budget Development and Monitoring Process

- More approval processes that other units on campus
- but all the same rules
- final approval not until June (start in March)

#4 Operating Principle 3.2

- Overview of how Athletics uses management reports
- samples of University reports, comes directly off University financial system
- every single organization has a report of this
- each department head gets these
- 90 report rolls up monthly totals
- 91 report shows each transaction
- When reports submitted, Susan pulls them together into next
- Revenue and Transaction Detail
- helps coaches read them
- easier than previous reports to try and read
- Then all of above are balanced into next report (FY 01-02)
- Next report is monitoring of sports at management level (May 2002)
- sometimes shared with BOT

Discussion of Hot Button Issues

- Coaches Salaries
- Misconceptions

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