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April 17, 2002 Minutes

The Governance Working Group held its first meeting on April 17. During the first part of the meeting, we discussed how to organize our task of getting information on governance. First, we outlined the questions that should be asked about governance to the people who are invited to meet with our committee. Those questions are attached below.

Second, we discussed who else, beyond President Kirwan and Athletic Director Geiger, should be interviewed. VP for Student Affairs Bill Hall and VP for Business and Finance Bill Shkurti were added to our list. Getting feedback on governance matters from past and present heads of Athletic Council was viewed as useful as well. Finally, we discussed what additional materials should be added to the NCAA Review website. That website has now been created as: http://newmedia.osu.edu/projects/ncaa/one.html. A few materials are now on it, with more to come. Among other things, Athletic Council minutes and Board of Trustee minutes pertaining to athletics and information on the structure and charge of the Athletic Council need to be added.

For the next hour, President Kirwan met with us to respond to our questions about the governance of intercollegiate athletics and to express his own perspectives on this topic. This was a very useful discussion, touching upon a variety of issues that we will need to address in preparing our report. In particular, President Kirwan stressed the importance in general of: (1) a strong Athletic Council, engaged in active oversight of athletics and in integrating athletics into the broader university community; (2) the AD reporting directly to the President in order to keep athletics connected to the academic side of the university; and (3) strong fiscal oversight of athletics budgets, especially in evaluating whether particular spending proposals both can (is the sense of do we have the money) and should (even if we have the money, is this good policy for intercollegiate athletics on the campus) be supported.

Attending: Paul Beck, Doug Berman, Leslie Fine, Susan Hartman, Mark Morrison, Kimberly Mahoney, Jack Rall, Kris Richardson, Anne Wilkinson

Submitted by Paul Beck, Chair

Questions for Governance Interviews

1. Governance goals: What should the goals be for governance of intercollegiate athletics? What role does governance process play in fit between mission of university and its intercollegiate athletics program?

2. Governance structure: What are the different organizational arrangements for governance? To whom should athletics director report? What should be the role of the athletic council? How is university fiscal and budgetary oversight best achieved?

3. Academic goals: How can such academic goals as upholding admissions standards, retention, graduation, and independence of academic decisions best be achieved? Are there any particular problems with achieving academic goals at OSU?

4. Problems in athletics, governance as remedy at OSU: What particular problems arise with intercollegiate athletics? Have any of these problems arisen at OSU? How can governance process prevent them from arising, in general and here?

5. Changes in governance at OSU: What have been the major changes in OSU's governance of intercollegiate athletics since the 1996 first cycle report? How well have they worked?

6. Decisions about athletics at OSU: What have been most important decisions about intercollegiate athletics at OSU since 1996 or (if shorter) during your time here, and how has the governance process been involved in making them.

7. Weaknesses/problems at OSU: Are there any weaknesses in or problems with the governance process at OSU? What are they?

8. Representation of stake-holders: How can governance process best represent interests and concerns of student athletes, athletics staff, students, faculty, staff? Have we achieved good representation for each at OSU?

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