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Steering Committee

Revised as of 1/28/02


David O. Frantz
Professor, Department of English
Academic Liaison, Athletics

Virginia M. Trethewey
Executive Assistant to the President and General Counsel


David W. Andrews
Dean, College of Human Ecology
Chair, Academic Integrity

Paul A. Beck
Chair, Department of Political Science
Chair, Governance & Compliance

John P. Bruno
Professor, Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neurosciences
Member, Athletics Council
Chair, Equity, Welfare & Sportsmanship

Leslie M. Fine
Associate Professor, Fisher College of Business
Chair, Athletic Council

R. Reed Fraley
Vice President, Office of Health Services
Chief Executive Officer, The Ohio State University Health System
Chair, Fiscal Integrity Subcommittee

Andy Geiger
Director, Department of Athletics

Robert Gold
Dean, College of Mathematical and
Physical Sciences

William H. Hall
Vice President, Office of Student Affairs

Natala K. Hart
Director, Office of Student Financial Aid

Susan M. Hartmann
Professor, Departments of History and Women’s Studies
Faculty Athletics Representative

William E. Kirwan
President, The Ohio State University

Renne C. Komula, Jr.
Special Assistant to the Vice President, Office of Business and Finance

Jerry A. May
Vice President, Office of University Development

Curtis J. Moody
Alumni Association Representative to the Athletic Council

Eddie Pauline
President, Undergraduate Student Government

Joseph A. Shultz
Undergraduate Member, University Board of Trustees

Daniel M. Slane
Member, University Board of Trustees

Barbara R. Snyder
Professor, Moritz College of Law
Vice Provost, Academic Policy and Human Resources

Mac A. Stewart
Vice Provost, Office of Minority Affairs

Lee C. Tashjian, Jr.
Vice President, Office of University Relations

Kathryn M. Virtue
Student Athlete
Chair, Student Athlete Advisory Board

Zachary A. Williams
Student Athlete

Miechelle O. Willis
Associate Director, Department of Athletics
Senior Women’s Administrator

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