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Some Examples of How ReadSpeaker Voices HTML

Below are some basic HTML elements so that you can hear and see how they are voiced and highlighted by ReadSpeaker.

A Heading Level 2

Some content in a paragraph.

  • Some content in an unordered list
  • Item two
  • Item three
  1. Some content in an ordered list
  2. Item two
  3. Item three

Some Information in a Table, with a Caption

The caption is read aloud, as are all of the table headers and data. The table has a summary attribute, which is not read.

Caption for the Table
Table Header Column OneTable Header Column Two
Row 2 Column 1 Row 2 Column 2
Row 3 Column 1 Row 3 Column 2


The value of the title attribute of abbreviation (ABBR) tags is spoken. For example, W3C is read as World Wide Web Consortium.

An Image with Alternative Text

The image below has alternative text associated with it. ReadSpeaker speaks the alternative text:

side-by-side pictures of a cat jumping, with a BMX bike superimposed underneath the cat picture on the right-hand side. Large text on left side picture reads Invisible Bike. Picture on right reads Visible Bike.
Figure: Invisible bike, visible bike images from I can haz cheez burger.

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