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Hosting Services

  • OCIO Web Hosting Services

    OCIO Web Hosting Services provide a robust, redundant, 24X7 web hosting platform for the OSU Community. These services have been built specifically for OSU and fully support the needs of the University for Web Hosting, via the industry standard LAMP architecture, or Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP; the key components of this system.

    The aim is to provide services that are inclusive of the many different constituents of the University and allow each unit to express their own web design, without imposing system-wide templates. Each unit is free to install PHP applications and express themselves in a way that suits their disciplines and interests.

    All sites fall into the following categories:

    • OSU Colleges
    • OSU Departments
    • OSU Offices
    • OSU Affiliates (ex. the Wexner Center, WOSU TV and Radio Stations)
    • OSU Student Organizations - registered with the OSU Office of Student Organizations
    • Other OSU Academic units, including Centers, Labs, Academic Journals and Organizations

    More about OCIO Web Hosting Services.