Keeping your dog safe during fireworks

For many dogs, Fourth of July fireworks can be “the perfect recipe for creating profound fear,” according to M. Leanne Lilly from Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

But there are steps you can take.
Here are seven tips from experts to help you keep your dog from bolting when the festivities start.

Keep your dog indoors. Make sure your yard fencing is secure, so your dog can’t climb over or under, or break out of the gate.


Consider a second barrier, like flexible pens at doors, especially if people will be frequently coming and going between the house and outside.


Look out for signs that your dog is upset. These can include panting, hiding, drooling, trembling, tucking its tail and more.


Time your walks. Take the dog out for a potty break before dusk, when impromptu backyard fireworks are likely to start up.


Don’t punish your dog for being upset by the noise. “Even stern words or corrections can make this stressful time more challenging for pets,” says Dr. Lilly.


Consider asking your veterinarian about medications or supplements to help with the anxiety your dog is experiencing.


Take precautions in case your dog gets out. Beyond a collar with your phone number, Dr. Lilly encourages dog owners to consider microchipping.


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