Where people connect and innovations converge

Imagine an entire community dedicated to turning big ideas into reality, right here in Columbus.

Every innovation needs a place to begin. Carmenton is a community where innovators connect and collaborate. It's a new kind of neighborhood for our region - a forward-thinking community dedicated to innovation.

Carmenton offers proximity - to innovators, to the university, to Nationwide Children's Hospital, to downtown Columbus and to the region.

It brings the private, public and academic sectors together to:

  • exchange knowledge
  • understand problems that seem insurmountable
  • develop new technologies and accelerate bringing solutions to market
  • create solutions that the world needs now.

Creating solutions to transform our region

The innovation district is the place where thinkers and doers will converge to solve complex challenges, where new fields of study emerge and the convergence of ideas will help anticipate problems before they become problems.

Carmenton was designed to spark the innovation and creative thinking that the world needs now. It is where people will work to understand and solve problems that seem insurmountable; and help shape Central Ohio's continued growth as a competitive, economically resilient region.

Engineering new solutions to treat cancer

Ohio State researchers and clinicians will be able to work together in new ways to unravel the mysteries of cancer,  and develop innovative approaches to diagnose and treat cancer. 

Together, Ohio State experts are engineering nanoparticles that can kill cancer cells and creating technology to deliver drug therapies to hard-to-reach places, such as the brain or deep within tumors. Innovative teams are designing simulation technologies so that drug therapy candidates have the potential to be tested and screened entirely on computers.

Mixed uses will give Carmenton a sense of energy beyond 9-to-5. Spaces to live, play and innovate will create a neighborhood that feels vibrant and welcoming.

Helping communities conquer addiction

The opioid crisis has hit Ohio harder than almost any other state. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Nearly 1 in 5 Ohioans reports dangerous binge-drinking behavior.

Our families and communities need help — solutions that expand access to medical and psychological care; help relieve the pressure on our legal system and social service needs; and prevent our children from becoming addicted in the first place. Solutions that will help communities tackle not only opioid addiction, but anticipate the next potential wave of addiction before it becomes a crisis.

Converging innovation, technology and business to quickly bring smart energy to market

Imagine a rich array of clean, affordable energy options. Imagine cars that don’t need to be refueled or recharged. Imagine heating and cooling your home or business with renewable energy that is carbon neutral. Imagine businesses that don’t have to choose between being profitable and adopting sustainability solutions.

Ohio State's Energy Advancement and Innovation Center will serve as a hub for the next generation of renewable energy, artificial intelligence and smart energy systems.

Together, we will advance sustainable energy solutions that power central Ohio and fuel vibrant futures around the globe.

Harnessing the power of the body’s own immune system

Ohio State cancer immunologists have found ways for the human body to heal itself of cancer — similar to how it heals broken bones and other wounds. Cancer immunotherapy is safer and less toxic than traditional chemotherapy and radiation — and less invasive than surgery. But today, it’s effective in treating only 20% of cancers.

At Ohio State’s Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-oncology, researchers are developing cancer-targeting immunotherapies at the molecular level so that the body’s own immune system can fight cancer — taking personalized cancer treatment to a new level.

They are connecting big data and machine learning to cancer biology to further understand how individual cancer cells react to therapies. The result: more personalized cancer care and faster development of promising new medicines.

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