Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center

Healthy communities are built where education and outreach intersect

Addressing the changing health needs of our diverse communities — obesity, addiction, diabetes, infectious diseases and mental illness — requires health care professionals who connect a multitude of specialties and technologies to a comprehensive understanding of health.

Ohio State’s new health sciences education space is where students become tomorrow’s health care leaders. Engaged with people wherever they live and work, these leaders will create health care solutions for their communities. Patient by patient, family by family, community by community, they put care into action.

The Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center is an investment in the next generation of health care leaders and their potential to serve the changing needs of diverse communities. The students who learn here will create the foundations for better, healthier futures in the communities they go on to serve. It will foster a new model for health care education, one where students from all health science disciplines learn together.

Warm and welcoming environments support Ohio State’s work to build diverse communities of medical students.

The center includes environments — indoors and outside — where students can convene and build team approaches to health care.

Located steps away from Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, and near Ohio State’s clinics, the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center will enable students and faculty to have more opportunities to connect directly with the diverse populations they serve.

Bringing comprehensive health care to communities big and small

At Ohio State, we believe building healthier communities demands physicians and health care professionals be prepared to address health care needs of diverse populations. That begins with their medical education.

Through immersive interdisciplinary opportunities and next-generation educational technologies, future physicians and health science professionals will enrich their knowledge, experience and professional connections, so they may effectively lead wherever they establish their practice — creating a ripple effect of excellence in medicine.

Learn more about key dates, schedules, news and building timelines.

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