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Bloch Cancer Survivors Plaza

Bloch Cancer Survivors Plaza

Ohio State was the first university in the nation with a Bloch Cancer Survivors Park. The four-acre park features sculptures, a walkway, and inspirational plaques. A 5,000 pound ball constantly spins in a water base; nearby the ball, a message reads: "This granite ball will constantly turn. By touching it with one finger and pushing it in a different direction, it will turn in the new direction. Cancer is a huge mass constantly in motion. Possibly with a little personal intervention it is possible to change the direction of that motion." The Plaza is located at the northeast corner of Lane Avenue and Olentangy River Road. (map)

Chadwick Arboretum

The 60-acre arboretum is named for Dr. Lewis C. Chadwick, who served as an Ohio State researcher and professor of horticulture for 38 years. The Chadwick Arboretum's various gardens feature annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs, native and non-native for the central Ohio climate. Additional areas reflect Ohio's glacial history, prairies and special commemorative gardens. The Arboretum is located adjacent to the Agricultural Administration Building along Lane Avenue. (map)

Garden of Constants

The Garden of Constants is a sculptural garden of large numerals that highlight the activities performed in nearby College of Engineering buildings. The installation, by Barbara Grygutis, includes a black walkway featuring 50 individual formulas cast in bronze and embedded in handmade pavers. The Garden of Constants is on the lawn of Dreese Laboratories. (map)

Jesse Owens Plaza

The Jesse Owens Plaza outside the Shoe is named in honor of the Ohio State alumnus and Olympic athlete. An African-American athlete, Owens is remembered for winning four track and field gold medals at the 1936 Olympics, held in Nazi Germany. The Plaza features a bronze sculpture, "Celebration for a Champion," by Curtis Patterson. The Plaza is at east entrance of Ohio Stadium. (map)

Sphinx Plaza

Founded in 1907, Sphinx is Ohio State's oldest honorary; it has remained one of the most selective and prestigious organizations on campus. In 1982, Sphinx Plaza was constructed to honor the group's 75th anniversary. In 1995, Sphinx Grove was planted. It consists of 24 Scarlet Oaks that represent the 24 active student links chosen each year. (Sphinx Plaza is located between University Hall and the Main Library. Honors outstanding seniors since the class of 1907. Sphinx Grove is located on the West side of the Longaberger Alumni House. (map)

Spirit of Women Park

Named for Chlois G. Ingram, a former volunteer at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center, the original Spirit of Women Park featured clusters of colorful tiles that were hand-painted by donors in honor of the inspirational women in their lives. Because the original tiles and park had deteriorated due to time and natural elements, the park has now been transformed as part of the Medical Center Expansion. The original tiles have been renewed onto etched glass and appear to be floating on cascading water atop a crescent-shaped reflecting pool. The park, located at 9th Avenue and Medical Center Drive, also includes walking paths and seating spaces. (map)

Wexner Center Plaza

Wexner Center Plaza

The Wexner Center Plaza stretches from the front doors of the center east to High Street, and across to Sullivant Hall (one portion is dotted with trees). A crossroads between "town and gown" that sees plenty of pedestrian traffic, the plaza is used for a variety of events, from poster sales to outdoor films. (map)