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"OHIO from Antarctica"

by Elizabeth Entinghe - BSBA with specializations in finance and accounting (Class of 2010)

My family traveled to Antarctica in January of 2014. We couldn't resist an O-H-I-O photo as I'm an alumnus!

Alumni, Antarctica, Families

"O-H-I-O from Antarctica!"

by Vijay Ramanavarapu - Finance - 2006

Camping at Leith Cove, Antarctica

Alumni, Antarctica

"Wishing you a great season from Antarctica!! "

by Joyce Bernardo - Your fans from the Ice

O-H-I-O!!! GO BUCKS!! Wishing you a great seaon from the Ice. From your fans, from the McMurdo Medical Staff stationed in McMurdo Station, Antarctica, as part of the United States Antarctic Program. From left to right: Melinda Armstrong, Joe Shubert, Joyce Bernardo (OH), Lea Claus (OH).


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