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"O-H-I-O: Kenai, Alaska"

by Shannon - MS College of Nursing 2011

Danielle Segelhorst (OSUMC employee), Shannon Hilton (OSU College of Nursing Alumni), Chadwick Barnes (former OSUMC fellow/resident), Greg Segelhorst (OSUMC employee) camping on the Kenai City Beach in Kenai, Alaska

Alumni, Faculty/Staff, Travel/Vacation, US

"around campus"

by Deborah - Staff

My son on his 5th birthday touring various places on campus

Faculty/Staff, On campus

"Ohioan gets Brits to help with O-H-I-O at 2012 Olympics"

by Steve Cotter - Administrative Mgr, Division of Cardiac Surgery

My friends and I had tickets to the Men's diving finals at the 2012 London Olympics. As we are about to leave the Aquatic Center, my three UK friends join with me for O-H-I-O! O-Stephen Mattinson, H-James Mattinson, I-Stephen Brown and O-Steven Cotter

Europe, Faculty/Staff

"Dance Alumni in Israel"

by Susan Petry - Chair, Department of Dance

Leigh Lotocki, BFA 2011 Fiona Lundie MFA 2012 Deborah Friedes MFA 2006 James Graham MFA 2011 Maree Remalia MFA 2011 Meredith Hurst BFA 2011 Ale Jara De Marco MFA 2011 All studying "GAGA Technique" in Israel summer 2012 following Visiting Artists from Israel in the Department in 2008

Alumni, Faculty/Staff, Middle East

"7th grade Young Scholars Program participants"

by Althea Banner - student/staff

The Young Scholars Program 7th graders showing Buckeye Pride.


"Columbus Young Scholars Program Family"

by Althea Banner - staff

Buckeye Pride!


"Columbus Young Scholars"

by Althea Banner - YSP staff

Columbus Young Scholars


"Danielle Banner and fellow alumni"

by Alteha Banner - mother/student/employee

Paying homage to The Ohio State University

Beach, Current students, Faculty/Staff

"O-H-I-O in Seoul, South Korea"

by Manjula Joseph - Mathematics Education

An nyoung! Yongma Waterfall Park in Jangnang, Seoul boasts the tallest artificial waterfall in Asia (51.4 metres high). A team of researchers from OSU participated in the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education in Seoul, Korea, in July this year. Go Bucks!

Asia, Faculty/Staff


by Althea Banner - staff/student

Danielle Banner and fellow alumni at the beach

Alumni, Beach, Faculty/Staff

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